Sunday, January 4, 2009

Things you shouldn't try to eat while you drive.

During my several years as a certified New York State driver I have tried to eat many things while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle; some things have proven to be easier than others. Cheeseburgers, for example, are easy to eat while driving, provided they are served in some sort of foil wrapping that you can hold on to. A thanksgiving dinner on the other hand usually requires two hands and a partner to pour gravy into your mouth while you inhale mashed potatoes and is damn near impossible to eat while driving (but if anyone wants to try this please send us pictures).

Things I have tried to eat while driving that you should avoid
1. Salads
2. McDonalds Fruit and Yogurt Parfait's (though I'm sure any Parfait would be difficult)
3. Nuts that are still in the shells
4. A milkshake and a rootbeer at the same time
5. Chicken Wings (which weren't actually to hard to eat they just got sauce everywhere)
6. Bagels that you still have to spread cream cheese on
7. Anything really sour, you don't want to try to drive with a squinty face and watery eyes.

Let us know about anything you've tried to eat while driving that almost got you killed (or ruined that neat-o sweater gammy made for you.)

Love always


  1. I think those things that are advertised as "portable" chicken wraps from McDonald's and Wendy's are bullshit. They're a huge pain to eat while driving.

    Feels good to let that out.

  2. Soup is really hard to eat while driving. Especially French Onion.


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