Thursday, January 1, 2009


Are you looking to have a good time? Are you looking to not remember how good of a time you actually had? Well then Skippies is the drink for you!

*Keep in mind that this drink will serve about 15 people so don't try to make it if you and friend are looking for a nice quite drink. This is for partying, and getting sloppy enough to tell all the girls in the room how beautiful they are.

What you need:
1 large tub (a laundry tub works best)
1 30 rack of beer
1 handle of vodka
1 bottle of champagne
4-6 containers of frozen lemonade mix
Something to serve the drinks with
and Cups

How it's made
1. Put a bag of ice in the bottom of the bucket.(Make sure it's in a bag or you'll water down your Skippies)
2.Take the beer, the vodka, the champagne and the frozen lemonade mix and pour it into the tub, yes, all of it.
3. Stir
4. Drink

Variations and Notes
You can use any other sort of drink mix too; however, if you decide to use powder stay away from anything cherry flavored and anything sugar free.

This is just your standard Skippies drink, if you want get adventurous you can always add other things; sometimes rum is a good addition, flavored vodkas are always nice and wine's a good addition every now and then too.

If you're having a huge party and you don't think this will be enough, you can always double the ingredients. However, you're not allowed to cut the recipe in half because that's for bitches, you're not a bitch are you?

Enjoy! And be sure to send us any funny stories that happen as a result of a Skippies night.


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