Thursday, January 8, 2009

Canned-gini: Repost and UPDATES

Monday, Eric Mangini had officially been fired as head coach of the Jets. Old news? Relatively. Unexpected? mmm, Not so much.
It's tough already being the head coach of a New York football team, especially one whose fanbase is in a desperate need of a Super Bowl appearance; but when your organization pumps $140 million into trading, free agent signings, and other fancy-pants personel changes and not get into the playoffs, well, something's gotta give.
Don't get me wrong, I liked Mangini. I believe that he layed down a good foundation for player development and some strategies for offense and defense worked really well, and 2 out of 3 winning seasons is pretty good. Actually, he did better in 2 seasons than Herm did in 5.
But looking at this, I can see why changes might be needed.
This could've gone both ways. I think if we held onto him, he might've took what happened this year and use it to develop a way the offense can't collapse in the west or make better passing plays for Favre (if he doesnt retire...again), or he would've turned into another Herm Edwards and lead the team to another horrible season with absolutely no development. Oh my dear God, we don't want that.

Also, Mangini had one season left in his contract, so another question that could be raised is would he come back? That's tough to call now, but judging by the player's admiration for him, maybe he would've stuck around. But I feel it's time to move on and the tides have gotta change. I had a feeling they would sooner or later.

As far as new coaches go, I'm not too sure about Bill Cowher, as he just negotiated with CBS, but he'll listen to what we gotta say, so that's good. Spagnulo would be nice, seeing as the Giants' defense is diesel and Marty Schottenheimer seems fine, and having the line coaches interviewed doesn't seem like a bad idea, either.There's going to be a lot of talk about what's going to happen next year.
But as far as coaching is concerned, but I think it'll work out considerably better than years past.

UPDATES: 1/9/09

-Boston College coach Jeff Jagodzinski is being talked to. Hell after being fired from BC, he's probably going to take the job.

I mean, just look at how happy he is:

Mangenius is in Cleaveland. That's pretty cool, I feel as if that team needs him more, so good for him. I can't wait to see him in Brown.


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  1. I will always remember where i was when i heard Eric Mangini was fired as New York Jets Head coach.

    An important day for every new yorker.


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