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The Real Real World.

I'm not usually into watching television, especially reality television. I think it's phony entertainment used to amuse the average senseless television viewer. However it is a great way to sell shampoo. On that note, i haven't watched a television show in routine since the third season of the office. I haven't watched an MTV show since TRL.

Anyway, I've usually hated the real world in past seasons. I hate the "characters" and I hate the plots. Every time i try to watch this show, I always leave unsatisfied, pissed off at MTV and American society. However this season, i thought i would give it another shot. It's based in Brooklyn, which can be cool and "hip", and i love "hip" and i love making fun of people who are "hip". So what do I think?



Let me give you my own description of the characters and what I think of each so far.

What I do like: Probably the prettiest girl on the show. Not the hottest, but definitely the prettiest. She's a dancer, she's from Utah and she ISN'T a Mormon. She doesn't have an uppity attitude and is supportive and caring of all the other people in the house. I don't know if i could see myself being her friend but definitely someone that I wouldn't talk bad about.

What I don't like: On the second episode she tried out for this great dance school. She was bugging out the whole time about how she wouldn't be able to make it because she wasn't as good as the other dancers (which she wasn't). The school calls her back and accepts her into the program, and she DECLINES. WTF, dude? You just spent twenty minutes bitching about how you weren't going to make into the school and now you blow them off? So that was something that irritated me but didn't effect my opinions of her as a genuine nice person. She also has a gap-tooth. downgrade.


Chet: What I like: His positive attitude towards most things that are going on in the house. He seems to be a good friend to Ryan (who seems to be having some trouble) with his life and career. I think he may have good teeth. Umm, and i think that might be all.
What I don't Like He's from Utah and HE IS Mormon. He wears eyeliner, he has no game when it comes to girls, and is Mormon. He seems to like to instigate fights with some of the room mates (JD and Sarah) which ain't cool. Chet is the kind of guy who i like to refer to as a "tool", he tries to impress everyone around him by doing dumb things even if he doesn't know he's actually doing dumb things. If it's pulling stupid pranks or giving bad advice (telling Ryan to play "the tampon song" to a record producer) he seems to just really bother me. I think he's a closet homosexual who doesn't realize it yet because he's been brainwashed by the house of latter day saints. Definitely, in my opinion the worst character on the show. Did i mention he was Mormon?

Devyn: What I like She's black, she has fake boobs, and truly believes that this is her "big break" at stardom. Her airheadedness provides for comical relief, but at the same time her serious passion is admirable. She's a good singer, and she's goodlooking, definitely the hottest chick on the show. Her attitude towards the rest of the house is pretty positive, except with JD who recently put her in a situation she did not approve of.

What I don't like That situation. For those of you who don't watch the show, Devyn was called up to a stage by one of JD's transgendered friends who is a professional entertainer. During Devyn and the friends's first meeeting, JD told Devyn about how his friend was a better performer than she was. (Fuck, that was so gossipy) Anyway, she was pissed off, and then the friend invites her up in front of a club to have a "sing off". Devyn goes up, and does pretty well but is clearly beaten by the entertainer. So Devyn goes home and confronts JD and goes into how she's all "embarrassed" and feels disrespected, blah blah and can't trust him anymore. Unnecessary drama infused bullshit. She also has a gaptooth.


What I do Like He's gay and not flamboyountly in my face about it. He seems like a hard worker, from what we know he paid for his way through his college and does pretty well for himself. He's also a dolphin trainer. He has a good sense of humor, and seems to have many friends. He's quiet, when not intoxicated and seems like a good supporting friend to have.

What I don't like His drinking problem. When he gets drunk he gets way too out of hand. He starts saying disrespectful things about the other room mates (he told someone that his transgendered friend was a better transgendered person than the one in the house) when their not around, blah blah hot drama garbage nonsense. Cool dude, otherwise.


What I likeThe Transgender. SHE is the first transgendered character on the real world or any television show that i've ever watched, which i think is highly interesting and provides for good entertainment. She's likable, and gets along with the other roommates. She wants to fit in and does pretty well. I think this is one of the major reasons why i've been so interested in this show so far.

What I don't like Her insistent problem with not being ready to "come out". She holds the fact that she's a transgendered person so delicately. She still hasn't come out to one or two of the characters on the show. It doesn't make sense to me why she needs to be so comfortable with the people she tells, well maybe it does. But just tell the people who live with you! I don't know how anyone can't know already anyway. No offense. Also, her constant mention of her boyfriend and how he doesn't call her enough is pretty annoying. her BF looks like a total weirdo, which he probably is, but shut the fuck up already. thanks.

What i like He was in the army. He's also a musician, he wrote a love song called "the tampon song" which is about how he wouldn't mind being a girls tampon. Sick, but funny. He is very emotional, when he gets excited, he really gets happy, and when he's depressed he cries. Which is also kind of funny.

What I don't like His alcohol problem and his emotional stability. I know that being in Iraq comes with tons of baggage that i could never even begin to understand. But this guy seems to make that the reason why he's living. Every time he introduces himself it has something to do with the military. Chet and Ryan make a great relationship because they are both intollerable, they bring nothing to the table intellectually and everytime they speak, i have to question how old they are. Their maturity is laughable. He wrote a song about a fucking Tampon!

What I like Her tattoos are cool and she plans on helping children who have been sexually abused when she's done with the show. Which i think is a great thing to do. I like her style and she seems like a sweetheart. No gaptooth. Upgrade

What I don't like about her She's kind of fat, but not really, i hate not knowing that kind of information. This past episode went into all these past problems with her father, which kind of droned on and on. Which was horrible, but it really made her look like a obnoxious crybaby.

What I like He's never around. Sometimes you forget about him, because so far he hasn't caused any problems, which i bet the MTV execs are pissed at. He Seems like a hard worker from the extra features on the website. Good looking guy, and hangs out with pretty women.

What I don't like He's from Boston, and that i don't know anything about him or his personal life.

So that's it on the characters. I highly suggest you check out this show. I plan on writing a little recap every week to keep you updated. If you still think this show looks like dogshit, check out this trailer of a great new film coming out, no associated with the real world or MTV.

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