Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sam Bennet: A Video Profile

As a part of the Purchase community, i've met some pretty talented people. One of these people, is Sam Bennett. Sam is a composer, director and an overall cool dude. I was doing some internet lurking and found some impressive videos that he's directed. What makes me so impressed, is his ability to dabble in all forms of video. If it's the the funny short, the apocalyptic snippet, or my favorite, the music video. He composes his work in a creative style that keeps me wanting more. Take a look at his work, and you decide!

The Funny Short.

This wouldn't be a proper plug if i didn't plug everyone in this video. Check out these Musicians who are also in the video.
John Hancock- Russ Barrnett
William Floyd- Adam Mcheffey
Samuel Adams- Pete Mcque

The Apocalyptic

The Music Video

Make sure to Check out Sam's music Here

love always,
the other sam.

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