Sunday, December 20, 2009


Who knew underwear could be so much fun?

I know this is fun, but shouldn't filming children in their underwear be illegal? I DON'T THINK SO!

I want some Underoos.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ted Leo @ The Meat Locker!


this may be the best nj show this year. It's 10 bucks. It's in a basement of a meat packaging plant and it's Montclair.

Don't be an asshole and miss this.

Get Your tickets Here

Read more NJ Underground

Friday, December 11, 2009

Brown Is The New Green- A film review

(My last response. I swear meng)

In the film Brown Is The New Green, a film about George Lopez and the rapidly growing Latino consumer market. Director, Jennifer Kobzik uncovers the struggle of George Lopez from poor boy to rich megastar while also observing the fastest growing minority in the United States. Although the film jumps from topic to topic, it conveys important subjects of race in America, a topic that is usually scene as taboo and unrequited.

George Lopez who is the most successful Latin American television actor in history is a celebrity who causes controversy not only because of his race but also because of his comedic material. Personally, I have never been humored by his work, for the sole reason of not being able to relate to his comedy. However, he does appeal to millions of Americans, a majority being Latinos who thoroughly enjoy his work as a comedian and an actor, for the sole reason of being able to understand his perspective. He’s had success as a comedian, writer, and an actor.

The documentary divulges information about Lopez’s early life, abandon by his parents and being raised in a non-traditional “Latino household”. Where traditionally and stereotypically, the father and mother are present throughout a child’s development. Critics of Lopez’s work attack him for using his unfortunate childhood as humor to entertain audiences, while painting pictures of non-positive Latino stereotypes. Lopez replies, “I’m just stating the facts”. He overcame hardships and turmoil to become one of Hollywood’s most respected and successful stars, an accomplishment that was even more difficult because he looked like a Latino.

The film also describes how the lack of a “real Latino” style and look is hidden in most media, including magazines, film, and television. Although Latin Americans do have access to television channels like Telemundo, most argue that these are not relatable. How could they be? Just because characters speak Spanish does not mean a Latin American can associate with what is being projected to them, a common misunderstanding to non-Latino’s, including myself. This argument is a major topic of the film, because it allows the audience to comprehend how Latino’s want to be incorporated into American society and not left out or used as a focus groups to sell products. Why should advertising agencies create Latino based ads when Latino’s are living in America? Do we have Italian, Irish, or Japanese commercials? Being Latino is an illegitimate term to begin, stemming from government documents homogenizing different groups of people into one. Because, the fact remains clear, most Latino’s do not call themselves Latino’s but Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Columbian, Argentineans, etc.

Latino’s are one of the most profitable consumer markets in the country. They spend more than any other minority group, and it’s become apparent that corporations and advertising agencies are also making money, taking advantage of these statistics. Even in the last election, Latinos are increasingly becoming a highly influential group.

I would advise people who may not be humored by George Lopez to make it a point to watch this film. It is important to understand Latino culture, not only because 1 in 6 of Americans are Latino but also to better understand the culture and media’s neglect of a people who are as American as you and I.

Watch the trailer.

Friday, December 4, 2009

I Drink For A Reason excerpt

I started reading David Cross's book I Drink For A Reason, after I found it at an Urban Outfitters in Boston.

This is an excerpt from the book ( the audio book)

Part 1

Part 2

I highly suggest this book for anyone who enjoys essays on Jim Belushi, thoughts while pooing, and the inside conversations during marketing meetings at FOX network.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Demise of The Music Journalist.

I apologize for the ill formatting, but JUST LISTEN!

Follow Chris Weingarten @1000TimesYes on Twitter.

Monday, November 16, 2009

"Born Into Brothels" Review

I just wrote this as a response for a class called "Global Media, Local Cultures". I think it came out pretty well. If you've seen the movie, I'd love your thoughts. If you have yet to see it, please do.

Born into Brothels, a documentary film about a photography program for the children of Indian prostitutes was one of the most compelling and insightful documentaries I have ever seen. Set in the town of Sonagachi, just like Amsterdam’s red light district but more run-down and poverty stricken. Scenes of despair and empowerment are shot throughout. Although, the title suggests a more problematic situation, the documentary brings to life a community that usually has little to no awareness.

Director and photographer, Zana Briski who was originally stationed in India to photograph Prostitutes, quickly befriended their children from the numerous visits she had taken over the past five years while shooting. She began a program to give back to the community of children, who some, had never seen cameras before. The documentary highlights six of the students who were enrolled in the program. The students were given cameras to take photographs of the city, which would allow them to create their own artwork at no cost, an opportunity they would have never received without the program. The documentary gives the audience a look into each students work, showcasing different photographs while giving a biographical background of each student. Although all of the students are children of prostitutes, some are more fortunate than others. Some of the children are expected to “join the line” a term that expresses the disparaging fact of being forced into the life of a prostitute. However, some of the children are more likely (the males) to have an opportunity to go away to schools to continue their educations.

One of my favorite scenes in the film comes when the director who is also one of the main characters in the film, takes the students on a field trip to the beach. The beach town that is outside of the city, is a place where none of the students have ever visited. They are instantly overjoyed and ecstatic, snapping pictures of the landscapes and sceneries. This scene exemplifies the innocence of the children in a perfect manor, allowing the audience to become aware of the children who are subject to daily problematic situations that eventually lead to lives of unfortunate circumstances. The children swim in the ocean, run around on the beach and for once, are allowed to act like children. The group packs up and leaves once the sun retreats and fall asleep on the bus ride home to awake to the nighttime overcrowded city slums that they call their homes.

This film resonates not only with emotional compassion but on a social awareness level as well. Some critics may say that this film or this program does not benefit the community. In some ways it does not, It will not lift the community out of poverty or erase the confines of prostitution that have taken over the city. However, it has created opportunity that could not be found before this program was conceived, and I believe that is a enough for this film to be cited as a relevant and an important piece of filmmaking.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

THE Purchase Indy Mixtape! VOLUME 2


People Say- Portugal. The Man
Party and Bullshit in the USA (Hathbanger Mash-Up Remix)-The Notorious B.I.G. vs. Miley Cyrus
For Things that Haven't Come Yet- Nana Grizol
College- Michael Ian Black
No Ceilings - Lil Wayne ft. Birdman
All The Kings Men- Wild Beasts
A Horse Called Golgotha - Baroness
America (Featuring Mos Def & Chali 2NA)- K'naan T
Maple Street- Bot Jizz *
Lights & Shapes (RAC Remix)- Moving Mountains *

*Purchase Bands.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Cool Schtuff

A few things compel me to stop and post on the blog, but when that something/s does/do appear, I find it necessary to post it.

I came across the singer/guitar player of Tokyo Police Club's Blog and found an acoustic cover of a wonderful song by the band The Harlem Shakes. Although the name sounds super silly and an attempt to by ironic. What Brooklyn indie band is really doing or knows how to do the Harlem Shake? It's a song that in any way shape or form will make you say "hey, that's a pretty good song!". Check it out!

Hey Ladies! The New York Times reported about a new Net Flix type company called Rent The Runway where you can rent expensive dresses at cheap costs. Just don't spill anything on them because you gotta pay for it, hunnie.

What is a better marketing tool than a T-shirt? I can't think of one! Can you? A company called The Music Tee is creating an album art t-shirt where, when you buy one, you get a free digital download along with the purchase! Brilliant! My favorite so far is The Monsters Of Folk .... Just in case you were wondering, my birthday is coming up!

Speaking of Monsters Of Folk, who recently put out their new album last week which has quickly become one of my favorites of the year. I got a chance to see them last night. They played for about three hours and had no problem of blowing my mind. Here's a clip of them playing The Jimmy Fallon Show!

I've been enjoying these bands and their music videos. I hope you do too.

Wild Beasts:

Said, The Whale:

I like how Jimmy Fallon is slowly becoming the new Dick Clark.

the internet rox,


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And the award goes to....the trailer

After seeing Where The Wild Things Are on Sunday, I came to the conclusion that the trailer, featuring that Arcade Fire song "Wake Up" was actually better than the movie itself. I can't really explain why I didn't enjoy the movie. Maybe it was because every scene was scored by Karen-o or because the movie really didn't give me a sense of childhood. What was my childhood like? I don't know but it sure was better exemplified by the trailer and not the film.

Spike Jonze made an incredibly beautiful visual film, but I got lost in the movie a few times. I'm not sure if that was supposed to happen, because the actual book itself was only 25 pages. How do you make a full length movie out of a 25 page children's story book? I guess that's what it looks like.

I know you've all seen this, but for one last time:

What did you think?

love always,

quite possibly the worst movie critic, ever.

PS_Speaking of trailers, I hope this one doesn't disappoint

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Purchase Indy Mixtape!


CANT- ghosts
Kiss Kiss- all the draw #
Blu & Exile- My world is...
Mosters Of Folk- Say Please
Melissa Ahern- 5 rules of improv *
Iron Age- A younger earth
Digital Dao- Galapagos *
Melvins (feat. Hank Williams)- Ramblin Man
polar bear club- another night on the rock
algernon cadwaller- yo soy milk

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pitchfork Hipster Shit

As much as I whine and complain about Pitchfork and how they've ruined music journalism. I just found some great stuff on the site. (Not that I read it or anythinnnggg)

They have this great video series, which is entitled, "DON'T LOOK DOWN". The series tapes bands performing on rooftops! SUPPORT IT!

Dan Deacon, has become a name synonymous with SUNY Purchase College. At first this made me steamy angry, and then I gave his new album a try, and now pleasantly enjoy his music! If only for the sole reason of this music video, should you enjoy the artistry of Dan Deacon:

PitchforkTv also has the great feature called Cemetery Gates, where musicians perform a cover of The Smiths "Cemetery Gates". JUST KIDDING! That is initially what I thought it was going be, but don't worry! It's almost as good! Here is a clip of St. Vincent performing "Actor Out Of Work".

I can't mention St. Vincent without mentioning this incredible collaboration she did with Andrew Bird, and from another pretentious media outlet!

Enjoy, snobs.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jessica Lehrman's "Hipster Takeover"

My good friend Jessica (and contributor) created this marvelous video documentation of THE HIPSTER.

Enjoy it, i know i did.

Please check out her other work, mostly photo, but nonetheless incredible HERE.

Hipster takeover. from Jessica Lehrman on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ben Gibbard and Jay Farrar's new album stream on NPR

So Ben Gibbard and Jay Farrar read some Kerouc, took his words, and created some songs. Here's what it sounds like:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Fall Fest 09 Mixtape



Tanya Morgan- "So damn down"
The Band- "The Shape I'm In"
Here We Go Magic-"Ahab"
MewithoutYou- "Nice and Blue"
Charlie Phillips- "Old Vices"
Twin Sister- "I want a house"
Dead & Divine- "Neon Jesus"
Melissa Ahern- "5 rules of improv"
OLKEN- "Dinosaurs on Jupiter"
Eugene Mirman-" Skatepunk,Ice Cream Store, Talking Dirty, Protester On The Street, Terrible Prostitute, Nerd"

This download is intended for informational use. Only use these songs for a limited amount of time. Support these artists. Please.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Official Fall Fest Poster!!!


designed by Ege Soyuer

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


if you select no, please explain in the comment section. Do not leave your name, but please leave the name of your residence.



Monday, September 28, 2009

If you haven't gone and checked out this band. Please Do!!!

They're all spectacular men, they compose incredible music, they work hard, and they're some of the best friends I've ever had.

Listen Here

Monday, September 14, 2009

two beards


please watch my tv show. It will blow your fucking brain away.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Space Ghost Cowboys release party!

@ Whitson's memorial hall 9.6.09


Frank Graniero


Zona Mexicana



Nick Corbo


The Shakes
Space Ghost Cowboys



Thank you to everyone who came and supported and to all the bands who are all so great.
Support these bands & check out more pictures Here


Friday, August 21, 2009

Things I want you to get into.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Seriously, take a few minutes to read this.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fall Fest Suggestionz #5

The Walkmen

The Wrens

French Kicks

Murder By Death

Little Brother


Land Of Talk

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Flying Lotus


Bishop Allen

Kool keith

Black Moth Super Rainbow

Holy Ghost

Chica Libre



Brown Rice Family


Monday, July 27, 2009

No More Grumpy Mondays.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Mix Volume 2


The Hold Steady-"Constructive Summer"
Muddy Watters-"Mannish Boy"
Paul Simon-"The Boy In The Bubble
Set Your Goals="Summer Jam.
Ray LaMontagne-"Three More Days"
Femi Kuti- "'97"
Dirty Projectors-"Two Doves"
Those Darlins-"Snaggle Tooth Mama"
Raphael Saadiq-"Let's Take A Walk"


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ghetto Black Names + Do people actually listen to Rush Limbaugh?

While at home, I turned on the television to notice that fox news was interviewing Rush concerning Obama's speech last night regarding healthcare and that Harvard professor who got arrested recently. Rush contributed his two cents while my jaw remained open for about six minutes. I wondered to myself, is this man serious? So I started searching and found these enlightening clips of one of the most famous media personalities in America. And apparently, he is.

Rush on Americans

Limbaugh On Illegal Immigration (the Limbaugh Laws)

Rush "speaks" to a liberal

Dave Letterman and Bill O'Reilly (my favorite television journalist) talking about the media, Sean Penn, and of course, Rush Limbaugh

I'm not sure if this changes your opinions on Rush Limbaugh but I hope it sheds some light on how big of a mindless ill informed sloth man he truly is.

Now, what really matters.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Boat That Rocked

At least watch this trailer for the last scene...

Be sure to get your bums in the theatre August 28th.

Friday, July 17, 2009

First Post from Justin: Left for Buenos Aires 6/16

[[First post disclaimer: I'm going to use this space to give some details as to what I'm doing and where I'm going throughout my travels in Argentina for the next 5 months--though I can't say how often I'll update it yet...or how interesting I will be...]]

My flight today from LaGuardia was scheduled for 4:55 pm. I got there with plenty of time to spare and was feelin' good. Boarding time was 4:25 and I was seated at the gate well before that.
4:25 roles around...the arriving flight lets out? I thought, don't they have to clean that shit before we go on? Oh well I guess that won't take long. 15 minutes pass...still no boarding. Announcement comes, "okay", I think "first class kids time..." Nah, they have to pressurize the plane or something before we can go on it "You should be able to board in 10-15 minutes". 15 minutes passes and the flight has been delayed to 5:10. Shit! eh, actually I'll still make it without a doubt to Atlanta in time for my next flight. Turns out we end up boarding at 5:10, not departing. We get on very quickly because they wanted to speed it up so we could leave quickly so those with international connecting flights would arrive on time (me). They hurried everyone to get seated so we could leave, we did. We start rolling and the safety video plays and ends. Soon it's 6:00. Captain isn't sure what is going on...6:15: something about congestion of flights in weird weather "even though the weather looks fine around here". They give us water and apologize for the plane being around 90 degrees. The air conditioning isn't working because we aren't moving and it's really hot outside (hottest ny day yet? mm?). Then to calm us down some more they decide to put a movie on and give out headsets for free. The movie is called "17 again" and stars Zac Efron and that guy from Friends. No thanks. The kid behind me kicks and pulls and I get hotter from annoyance. I'm sweating profusely and at this point I just want to get moving for the air conditioning. We finally depart at 7:15 and our arrival time is 9:15 pm. My next flight leaves at 8:35 pm.
Apparently now in an airplane you can get WiFi once your'e over 10,000 feet? Weird but pretty sweet I guess. I quickly took my laptop out and checked my next flight status which displayed "On Time". Arrrg, the one time I don't want to see that. Next flight? 24 hours later.
So now here I ended up after the shitty customer service line at the airport that had no clear beginning or end and nobody knew what they were doing or what the line was. I was sent to the Marriott Courtyard with a discount: $79 for the night...woop de doo.
I got on one of those airport trains they have now that drop you have at different areas and went to the Ground Transportation area where they told me to. I sat down for a while and didn't see any sign of a van/bus. Eventually a mysterious man comes up to me and asks for a cigarette. I (surprisingly) gave him one and he sat down next to me to talk. We talked a short bit, him repeatedly asking me and the girl next to me if she was my girlfriend (she wasn't. she was however confused). In time it came out that I was waiting for the Marriott bus and he nicely directed me to where I was actually supposed to be standing. What a free cigarette can do!
He started to walk me there until I declined to give him $5 in addition to the cigarette, both of which he generously promised to pay forward...I wasn't feeling generous towards the next person obviously and he went on his way.
Found a bus and then ended up here at the hotel in Atlanta. It has free internet (for 24 hours) which is awesome (so I can you know, blog my time away). I hadn't eaten much so I eventually walked until I found a McDonalds not to far away. I got some food right before they closed the inside register and sat down to eat and watch the Atlanta 11oclock news. Top story was a big Meth bust at house with 4 people arrested I think. They interviewed a neighbor who (though I couldn't hear well) seemed to be saying he was just happy they were caught before the house blew up. By the looks of his teeth I'm sure he's more happy the competition is out (oohh was that bad? nah, i'm only speaking the truth). Next story was about the situation of the police not doing enough aboutt he armed robbery situation. I decided to walk home doin a fake conversation on my cell phone...
Looks like I'm still waiting to use my oh-so-basic Spanish skills...
Update 6/17: Checking out of this hotel and 1 pm. I realized I forgot my USB cord for my camera so I guess I'll use my time before my 8:30 flight to find a Best Buy or something around here so I can buy a memory card reader.
Until BA, Chau

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Embarassing photo Thursday's

It may be for the fact that I've spent the past three weeks with 10 and 11 year old's that I've felt a wave of nostalgia come over me. Or for the fact, that I love to reminisce about the "old days". So I thought I'd enlighten your Thursday's with some humorous photo's from the past.


1995 was a great year. First grade, Sega Genesis, and recess were my top priorities. This picture was taken from my Little league team which was named after my Mother's newly opened clothing store called Cama Lee. The store which lasted for about six months before becoming defunct to, well hideous 90's women's fashion. A kiss on the cheek to the one who can point me out.


Every kid in the Tri-state visits the Statue of Liberty at least once during they're elementary school days. I will forever remember this day. Why you may ask? On this day, I lost my beloved Tamagotchi, which I sulked about for approximately four days. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, you either weren't of age to appreciate, or living under the uncool crater that you called your youth.

*Please take note of the mullet.


In high school I used to be punk rock. Actually, I wasn't at all, I did listen to NOFX though. This picture was taken my freshman year during the "initiation". The freshman were "forced" to shave they're heads to let the rest of the school know we were freshman on the hockey team. What's more bad ass than getting your head shaved in a garage in November? GETTING A FUCKING MOHAWK, that's what! I don't know why we couldn't of just wore t-shirts. "Tradition", I suppose. I'm pretty sure this part of high school has been terminated.

On a separate note. Whose coming with me?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


All of these artists have been contacted and we have quotes on all of them. So please comment if you are interested in having any one of these mentioned acts perform.


Cymbals Eat Guitars

Here We Go Magic



Dirty Projectors

Bill Callahan




Tanya Morgan



Eugene Mirman

Chelsea Peretti

Craig Baldo
On Anti-Smoking Ad

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Hip Hop

Cadence Weapon





The Harlem Shakes

Gay Blades

William Elliott Whitmore

Sunset Rubdown




Variety SHAC

Patton Oswalt


Major Lazer




Sunday, June 28, 2009

Whose Next?

A piece of America died today.

Billy Mays (1959-2009)


According to his bio on Wikipedia, Mr. Mays was first discovered at a home show in 1993 by Max Appeal of Orange Glo International. He was hired by the company to promote its products OxiClean, Orange Clean, Orange Glo, and Kaboom for the Home Shopping Network based out of St. Petersburg, Florida. After his rousing success there, the company moved him on to doing infomercials that aired nationwide.

Mrs. Mays has said that she does not expect to release any public statements about her husband’s death in the coming days. Oddly Mr. Mays was a passenger on a US Airways 737 on Saturday that blew out a tire upon landing. He was checked out immediately after the flight and did not request any medical assistance at that time. It is not known if that incident has any connection to his sudden and unexpected passing.

Info taken from an article from Blorge

Rest in Peace, Billy Mays.

The Zombies- " A Rose for Emily"

Friday, June 26, 2009

My relationship with Michael Jackson


I was never in love with MJ. It may have been for the fact that I was a late 80's baby or never understood the hype, or thought he was a crazy looking child molester. Either way, he was an incredible artist, no matter how fucking bizarre he looked or acted. Remember that time he hung his child outside of that window in France? Or his relationship with Macaulay Culkin? I feel like this may sound like some falsified rumor attack on the King of Pop, but it's not, that shit actually happened!

When thinking about Micheal Jackson, the first thing that came to mind weren't any of those previously mentioned actions, but the complete opposite however. Weird Al, is what I thought of after hearing the words, MICHEAL JACKSON IS DEAD. When I was about five years old my uncle gave me a Weird Al album that featured songs about food. His rendition of "Beat It" entitled "Eat It" was my favorite song on the album, I had no idea that it was originally a Micheal Jackson song, but after I found out, was when I knew Micheal Jackson was a musical genius.

This is not the original music video.

Here is Chris Rock's thoughts on the man who owned all the rights to The Beatles catalog:

The funny thing is, I'll probably remember the exact place I was when I heard about Micheal for the rest of my life. I was in Brooklyn at my grandmothers house. Where were you?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Phoenix @ Terminal 5. 6.19.09

I won't make this one as long and agonizing as the last review, but I want to let you know how amazing this band is.


I've been waiting for Phoenix to tour for about two years since I discovered It's Never Been Like That used at my local record shop. That album along with they're others are to put it simply, incredible. They're albums that need no skipping and can be played in any mood, temperature, or situation. I'm not sure they're are any bands whose music is able to do that now, or more importantly, ever. I highly recommend, if you haven't already, pick up they're new release called Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix I promise you will not be let down. You can play this record at a party, in the car, or on a rainy day, and it is guaranteed to please.


The show on Friday was exactly what I expected. Great sound, great set list, and overall a good crowd. Which, may I add is one of the most difficult things to accomplish at a concert. There aren't many words that I can use to describe the show or this band besides amazing, incredible, terrific, and spectacular. Take that Rolling Stone.

Read a more detailed review Here from the show the previous night at The Music Hall Of Williamsburg.

Enjoy these clips from the show last night:

Phoenix- "Too Young" Live @ Terminal 5 from TheLoveSchack on Vimeo.

Phoenix- "1901" Live @ Terminal 5 from TheLoveSchack on Vimeo.

Phoenix- crowd surf @ terminal 5 from TheLoveSchack on Vimeo.

bon appetit.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A review: Metric/Sebastian Grainger & The Mountains @ Terminal5. 6/17/09

When thinking of drummers turned front men, few names come to mind. Phil Collins, Levon Helm, and probably the most famous of this generation, the one and only, Dave Grohl. Unfortunately, Sebastien Grainger (ex-Death From Above 1979) has yet to barely hit the drum head of this list of all-star composers. Sebastien along with his backing band, the Mountains filled the opening slot for the beloved Canadian supergroup, Metric at Terminal 5, Wednesday night.
Dressed in a conservative mad scientist costumes, Sebastien and the band ran through a string of heavy distortion tunes that seemed to bleed into one another. A major reason why anyone at the show seemed to pay attention to this band was because of Sebastien's past and now defunct project, DFA1979. The single off Sebastian's self titled album, "Who do we care for?" seemed to be the tune that had the crowd nodding they're heads paying attention to the stage instead of their cell phones. The track which inspired the crowd to actually watch the stage instead of aimlessly gazing at the gigantic disco ball hanging above their heads.

Don't get me wrong, Sebastien's songs are well crafted and diabolical. However, live, the only highlight of the show is watching men dressed up as scientists playing guitars. Something that get's old after the first two or three songs. One can acknoledge his influence of thrash and grungy guitar riffs that were used heavily with DFA1979. What made DFA1979, so special was that there weren't any guitar lines. It was just two Canadian guys with long hair that seemed to be having a great time. Something, we weren't used to.

Who Do We Care For

After realizing that this show was sold out and one that numerous Purchase kids could be found at. (I'm pretty sure I saw the working crew from the bookstore outside.) You know who I'm talking about, the ones who always seem to be a little too lethargic and make it seem that they're always having the worst day of they're lives? After about twenty five minutes waiting around for Metric to set-up. They briskly and athletically performed mostly material from they're new album, "Fantasies" which recently just went gold. "Fantasies", which compared to older albums is more polished and according to Emily Haines, a record about finding a new identity. Seemed to go over well with the New York city audience. I was pleasantly surprised at the crowd's response to the newer material, which was tremendously positive.


One great aspect of Metric's live performance is they're ability to keep the audience on it's feet and wondering where they're heading next. The band doesn't switch from one song to another and introduce it with a title and the adjacent album that it was featured on. They re-work the songs and change around arrangements which I find highly interesting. Now, you may be thinking why I chose to use the word athletically to describe the set. The singer, Emily Haines has an incredible way of performing that makes her resemble a Pilate instructor after consuming an ice cream cone filled with cocaine.


Haines who is never idle for a moment during the show, is on key for every note, never moving off pitch while dancing and working out like she was Jane Fonda. Another highlight of the set was Emily's abstract ramblings about humans at zoo's eating cheeseburgers. I'm not exactly sure what she was talking about but it still provided for a captivating performance by one of today's best rock n roll bands.


Twighlight Galaxy
Help I'm Alive
Satellite Mind
Gimmie Sympathy
Sic Muse
Front Row
Dead Disco
Stadium Love

Monster Hospital
Live It Out

All pictures featured were taken by Bao Nguyen

I could just put a music video, but this may be more insightful.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Hip Hop





Pains Of Being Pure At Heart


Screaming Females

Ted Le0 & The Pharmacists-



The Loved Ones

Pig Destroyer

Other. (World, Comedy, etc. )

The Very Best

Jon Benjamin/Jon Glaser

Slavic Soul Party


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The 2009 music summer of 2004

All my favorite bands from when I was 16 are releasing music and I love it and Blink 192 is back together. I'm in Pubescent heaven.

Nofx- "We called It America" from the album The Quitter

Thursday - "Resuscitation of a dead man" from the album Common Existence

Taking Back Sunday - "Sink into me" from the album New Again

Lifetime and The Bouncing Souls will be our together this summer.


Monday, June 8, 2009

What I've learned from the NHL this year.

Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is underway tomorrow tonight, and I'm picking the Red-Wings to win. So I've come up with some conclusions from being a semi-observant NHL viewer this year.

1. The Chicago Blackhawks will win a Stanley Cup within the next five years. As long as they're solid first line stays intact. (Jonathan Towes, Patrick Sharp, and Patrick Kane) The average age of this line is about 22. I'm going to be 22 in 6 months and nowhere near poke checking any one of these players. They're goalie Chrtistobal Huet should make a break through next year establishing him as one of the leagues top goaltenders. If he doesn't, they'll find someone. Chicago can't go another 30 years without a cup, or else Kanye is going to have to suit up. Which may end up not being such a bad idea.

2. The Outdoor game has been the most successful marketing tool the NHL has had since the lockout. It's good to see friends and fellow Americans talk about the beloved game of hockey. Not since the mid 90's has there been a hockey game watched with such great ratings in The United States. Keep it in New York this year, and let the Rangers play the Devils, because no one can save the Islanders, not a number one draft pick, not a new stadium, and especially, not a hockey game at Yankee Stadium. These games have become exciting, memorable, and entertainment for a new years hangover.

3. Montreal is the greatest hockey city in the world. Over spring break I took a trip up to Montreal. I've always heard great things about how rich the culture is, how beautiful the women are, and how these Canadiens love their hockey. It was great to see a place that was so into a sport that I've spent my whole life defending. I attempted to get into a game but couldn't find a ticket cheaper than $100. Which made it worse because they were playing the Rangers that night. It's okay, because anywhere I went, a bar, restaurant, or smoke shop, the game was on. And nothing beats constant hockey air time. This was they're centennial year of existence and although they lost to they're division rival, The Boston Bruins in the first round, they had a pretty electrifying season.

Canadiens fans are tad bit whacky.

4. Fire Garry Bettman For those of you who don't know, Bettman is the NHL commissioner. Which means he's the boss. He's elected by the owners of the league to make rule changes and is the highest power in the NHL. Among the numerous changes Bettman has brought to the league, none have been more controversial than his plan to to eliminate fighting. Now, some may say this a discouraging part of the game that should be changed. But I say, you're stupid. Fighting is an very integral part of Ice Hockey, it's almost as important the ice itself.

The Phoenix Coyotes went bankrupt this season, and instead of moving them to Canada where there has been much interest and how Canada actually enjoys the game of hockey. Bettman believes it would be better to keep the in Phoenix because of the other sport franchises who play in Arizona. What doesn't Bettman understand about the game of ice hockey not being a good fit the desert!

This year when bad boy Sean Avery was on the Dallas Stars he said something silly about another player's girlfriend in a press conference. Instead of making a joke about it, Bettman decided to suspend him. Say what you will about Avery, but he's the best promotional player that the NHL has had since Gretzky, sorry Ovechkin, but he can speak english. Anyway, Betman has had his job for almost 15 years now, and I don't think there's been much improvement from when I started watching to present day. Dear NHL owners, fire Bettman and hire Gordie Howe. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

Here's Gary talking about the suspension.

5. The Penguins won't win the Cup and Sidney Crosby is a coward There is no doubt that Sidney Crosby is a great ice hockey player. I would be to if the league created a game based on poor officiating so I could make it to the Stanley Cup two years in a row. Anyway, if you think that Sidney Crosby is the best player in the league, I encourage you to look around. Now I'm not comparing numbers because, he is a good player, and he can score goals. However, I think that the NHL needs to look at promoting another player like Ovechkin, Zetterberg, Towes, or even his penguin partner, Malkin. Crosby conducts himself in an immature fashion on the ice which makes him look like a coward sometimes. He complains to the officials on almost every call and can be seen giving unwarranted hits to players who don't see them coming. If you want someone to represent this great game give it to someone with class, respect, and the ability grow a beard. I guess it must be the pretty boy effect.

Man, i wish i lived in Canada.
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