Monday, June 8, 2009

What I've learned from the NHL this year.

Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is underway tomorrow tonight, and I'm picking the Red-Wings to win. So I've come up with some conclusions from being a semi-observant NHL viewer this year.

1. The Chicago Blackhawks will win a Stanley Cup within the next five years. As long as they're solid first line stays intact. (Jonathan Towes, Patrick Sharp, and Patrick Kane) The average age of this line is about 22. I'm going to be 22 in 6 months and nowhere near poke checking any one of these players. They're goalie Chrtistobal Huet should make a break through next year establishing him as one of the leagues top goaltenders. If he doesn't, they'll find someone. Chicago can't go another 30 years without a cup, or else Kanye is going to have to suit up. Which may end up not being such a bad idea.

2. The Outdoor game has been the most successful marketing tool the NHL has had since the lockout. It's good to see friends and fellow Americans talk about the beloved game of hockey. Not since the mid 90's has there been a hockey game watched with such great ratings in The United States. Keep it in New York this year, and let the Rangers play the Devils, because no one can save the Islanders, not a number one draft pick, not a new stadium, and especially, not a hockey game at Yankee Stadium. These games have become exciting, memorable, and entertainment for a new years hangover.

3. Montreal is the greatest hockey city in the world. Over spring break I took a trip up to Montreal. I've always heard great things about how rich the culture is, how beautiful the women are, and how these Canadiens love their hockey. It was great to see a place that was so into a sport that I've spent my whole life defending. I attempted to get into a game but couldn't find a ticket cheaper than $100. Which made it worse because they were playing the Rangers that night. It's okay, because anywhere I went, a bar, restaurant, or smoke shop, the game was on. And nothing beats constant hockey air time. This was they're centennial year of existence and although they lost to they're division rival, The Boston Bruins in the first round, they had a pretty electrifying season.

Canadiens fans are tad bit whacky.

4. Fire Garry Bettman For those of you who don't know, Bettman is the NHL commissioner. Which means he's the boss. He's elected by the owners of the league to make rule changes and is the highest power in the NHL. Among the numerous changes Bettman has brought to the league, none have been more controversial than his plan to to eliminate fighting. Now, some may say this a discouraging part of the game that should be changed. But I say, you're stupid. Fighting is an very integral part of Ice Hockey, it's almost as important the ice itself.

The Phoenix Coyotes went bankrupt this season, and instead of moving them to Canada where there has been much interest and how Canada actually enjoys the game of hockey. Bettman believes it would be better to keep the in Phoenix because of the other sport franchises who play in Arizona. What doesn't Bettman understand about the game of ice hockey not being a good fit the desert!

This year when bad boy Sean Avery was on the Dallas Stars he said something silly about another player's girlfriend in a press conference. Instead of making a joke about it, Bettman decided to suspend him. Say what you will about Avery, but he's the best promotional player that the NHL has had since Gretzky, sorry Ovechkin, but he can speak english. Anyway, Betman has had his job for almost 15 years now, and I don't think there's been much improvement from when I started watching to present day. Dear NHL owners, fire Bettman and hire Gordie Howe. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

Here's Gary talking about the suspension.

5. The Penguins won't win the Cup and Sidney Crosby is a coward There is no doubt that Sidney Crosby is a great ice hockey player. I would be to if the league created a game based on poor officiating so I could make it to the Stanley Cup two years in a row. Anyway, if you think that Sidney Crosby is the best player in the league, I encourage you to look around. Now I'm not comparing numbers because, he is a good player, and he can score goals. However, I think that the NHL needs to look at promoting another player like Ovechkin, Zetterberg, Towes, or even his penguin partner, Malkin. Crosby conducts himself in an immature fashion on the ice which makes him look like a coward sometimes. He complains to the officials on almost every call and can be seen giving unwarranted hits to players who don't see them coming. If you want someone to represent this great game give it to someone with class, respect, and the ability grow a beard. I guess it must be the pretty boy effect.

Man, i wish i lived in Canada.

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