Monday, June 1, 2009

Pop Music, these days

Spending time at home provides for hours of fun. Playing video games, aimlessly searching the internet, and illegally downloading hit singles from 2009's hottest pop-stars.

Usually Pop Music and Top 40 earns a bad reputation for not being honest and sincere. I think that some of Pop music is more earnest and genuine then whatever the rock,rap, and country world's are producing.

I first fell for Kelly Clarkson in 2004 when she released the song "Since U been gone". In 2004 I was in a band called Tarzan, meet Jane . We covered this song and received high praise from most crowds we played to. The crowds mostly consisted of adolescent teens who wouldn't probably listen to her. Then Ted Leo covered it, and suddenly Kelly Clarkson soon became the new Blondie.

Anyways, Kelly is back in my life with a new song called, "My Life Would Suck Without You". I can't seem to explain it but there is a very honest sincerity to this song that is sometimes hard to find in most love songs. There aren't any hidden metaphors for the listener to get lost in. Or a back story to interpret. The message is clear. Kelly states the facts, she proclaims "you got a piece of me, and honestly, my life would suck without you." Maybe our society has prevented itself from understanding complex songs, but I can agree with Pop music when a song like this becomes a hit. Make it simple and you win. Thanks Kelly.

I first heard Jamie Foxx's voice in the movie "Ray" where he won an academy award for his portrayal of the incredible singer and musical genius, Ray Charles. I was impressed and thought he deserved the award. I think Jamie Foxx may be our generations most diverse entertainer. He has a incredible sense of humor, he can sing, he can dance, and he can act. When this song first came out, I didn't give it much attention. However, the amazing thing about music, especially pop music is that once played three thousand times, the listener can finally enjoy. I hate T-pain's style and don't believe in the auto-tune setting, but this song is just too fun and catchy to ignore.

I love college too, and I could probably write a song about it. So when I first heard this song, I thought it was a fluke and seasonal song that would fade when graduation came around. However, I can't stop listening to this song. The beat is simple yet infectious and like I said before, as many times as you tell yourself a song might be the dumbest and silliest thing you may have heard, it still comes back and finds a place in your heart. Apparently, Asher Roth is a talented artist, I'm not so sure about that, but this song makes me miss my apartment and makes me question doing a fifth year.

* I encourage everyone to watch the actual video.

Finally, we all know that Lil' Wayne is the mastermind behind the last two years of hip hop music. This next track is one that I wouldn't consider to be a pop song. But I mention it because I heard it on FM radio yesterday. There is something about Lil' Wayne that still doesn't make sense to me. I still can't decide whether there is something wrong with him or something wrong with me for not believing he's a musical superstar. Most of his lyrics make no sense at all, his rhymes are fun but most of his hits all degrade or insult someone or something that most of us (society) consider to be important. Whether it may be soberness, the Clipse, or oh yeah, WOMEN. Now, I think "bitches ain't shit" by Dr. Dre is one of the greatest rap songs ever. But even that song had some mystique to it. Even Ben Folds, master of the contemporary conservative cool guy could pull it off:

This song, called "Every Girl" seems to be an abomination of what I thought music was supposed to be. Unfortunately, I guess I don't fully understand the meaning of music because I like this song. There is something so putrid about this track that makes me never want listen to rap music ever again. That could also be because Drake, the up and coming new rap star is on it. However, something makes me want to blast this tune on full capacity in front of my Mom. I doubt I'll ever do it because I'd receive an hour long sermon about how to properly treat a woman. So I'll let you decide, musical repugnance or a good pop song?

One more thing. If you're life sucks, remember to remind yourself, that you're not this kid.

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