Tuesday, March 31, 2009





YeahYeahYeah's- "zero"
JoyDivision- "leaders of men"
PearlJam- "Alive"
LedZeppelin- "Houses Of The Holy"
HelloSaferide- "I don't sleep well"
AtTheDriveIn- "Pickpocket"
Metric- "Gimmie Sympathy"
DemetriMartin- "Some More Jokes"
TheNoisettes- "When You Were Young" (killers cover)

don't hold these songs for too long or the RIAA will eat you're brain.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Spike Jonze Is The Best Director of My Generation

If you haven't seen this trailer you must really be living under a meteorite in outerspace.

This is definitely by far one of the greatest movie trailers I have ever seen. I think if this movie is as good as i think it can be, it has the potential to be the best picture of the year.

I can't say enough amazing things about Spike, so I'll let his work speak for itself.

The Interview (right after the filming of Being John Malkovich) .

A short.

Lakai skateboarding commercial

and my favorite, his music video's

Who else could date Karen-O?

Speaking of Karen-O, go pick up the new yeah yeah yeah's record, it's great.

I can't embed any video's, but follow this link for they're new video.


Love Always,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Love You, Man + Movie Trailers!

You know what's great? When you get to watch a movie for FREE. Most things cost money, and like the saying goes "there is no such thing as a free lunch." Anyway, I was lucky enough to see I Love You, Man, the new comedy brom-mance feature film, with Paul Rudd and Jason Segul. I wouldn't usually write a review of a movie like this but because I didn't pay anything back to the theater or to the production company, a part of me feels a little in debt.

I didn't think that this movie was phenomenal, but I do think that it was worth the ten dollars I would have spent on it. What I think made this movie great was the unique storyline and the specific interaction between the characters. What interaction you ask? This was one of the most awkward movies I've probably ever seen. Now why do you care? I think from an actor's perspective, it is extremely difficult to convey these tense emotions as well as the actors did in this movie. Another major part of the movie I thought was interesting, was this idea of how men interact with each other. Usually, a comedy film would be pretty conventional, it consists of some friends, a hot chick, and some kind of silly conflict. Although this movie did contain those things, the story took the audience through hilarious twists and turns that I found myself laughing at throughout. It's easy for most women to have a group of close friends, but for Men i think it's different. From what I've noticed, it's difficult to keep a close group of friends through marriage or up to that point. This movie also highlights the great interactions between male friends, which is always something that has caught my attention. If you're dude and want to see a humorous movie with another dude friend, this is the movie to go see. If you want to take your lady-friend or boyfriend out for a memorable laugh, this is the movie to go see. I think it's difficult to find a movie that fits both these criteria. Just go see the movie, won't ya?

At the moment, it feels like Judd Apatow is running Hollywood, or maybe more specifically, the comedy world in Hollywood. Although Apatow had literally nothing to do with this movie, it had that "Apatow taste". Awkward jokes, Paul Rudd, a great soundtrack and one of the guys from Freaks and Geeks . So one comes to expect that all these great films being produced must be coming from the same guy. However, it's not the case. Apatow has laid the foundation for the modern day comedy that everyone seems to be imitating. It's been a while since we could count on comedy films for being continuously funny. Just this past summer, Pineapple Express and Step-Brothers both following the Apatow mold, have been received with high praise, well from me at least, and that's who matters most, right?

Here are some upcoming films worthy of your two-minute internet procrastination at the moment.

The movie i'm most excited for!

happy tuesday

Monday, March 23, 2009

Breakfast Club Volume 4

This week is the special SPRING BREAK EDITION of The Breakfast Club. How exotic, right? Not really. I came back home to Millburn New Jersey for a couple of days and happened to get breakfast with my Mom and Brother. I chose to pick the "breakfast hot-spot" in my town called, The Bagel Chateau. *Before I let the reviews roll, I'll give you a small background behind the chateau of bagels. When I was in High School, this was where most people went for lunch during senior lunch break or a half-a-day. Oh half-a-day's how I miss thee. But seriously, for some people, they consider this the mecca of breakfast and lunch food. Why? Well because it's a almost like "The Wiz" from Saved By The Bell where everyone goes either to be seen or to enjoy an overpriced meal bagel or breakfast.

Ben: I went to one of Millburn New Jersey’s better established delis which is located downtown Millburn. I have been a loyal patron there for years, filling my need for fresh, great quality bagels. I paid $6+ for a everything bagel and a peach Snapple. I know times are hard and small businesses need every penny they can get. The quality was still the same which I have grown to love. But six bucks and change is a little too expensive for my blood.

Although we arrived around one thirty in the afternoon, the BC was relatively busy. It was a difficult task to find a comfortable place for three people to sit down. I ordered my usual two eggs over easy and french fries* with an ARIZONA ICED GREEN TEA, the total price came to about 7.58 or something close. Which according my math is a bit pricey. The food arrived within in five minutes, I splattered my ketchup explosion on the food and was ready to devour. For around eight dollars I expect a dish with either really large eggs, or french fries to be overflowing from the sides of the plate. Neither circumstance occurred. The eggs tasted as if they were covered in a windbreaker of butter. Not that It prevented me from eating them, but just enough butter that I could taste the margarine night club in my mouth. Before I knew it, my meal was gone and I didn't feel as satisfied as I have in the past. Overall, I suggest this restaurant if you're in the town of Millburn and want to see girls in those black spandex pants, listen to a noisy room, or observe how wealthy people eat. If you're into those things please attend, If not, go to Morris Turnpike and stop in at Bagels 4 U.
*Apparently this meal, huevos estrellados is very popular in Spain. I think i'd fit in there very well.

Food: C
Service: B
Atmosphere: B-
Overall: B-

Gaylee (Mom) Yesterday I went to Breakfast (Sunday) with two very special dates. They wanted to have bagels, so off to the Bagel Chateau in Millburn we went. Small family kind of place. The restaurant is self service, you give them the order they give you the plate. I am not a Bagel eater (carbs and all that) so I decided on my favorite dish, the Egg White Veggie Omelet. Prepared right in front of you, it comes in a generous size, filled with onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms. It was very good. I would even rate it a l0, juicy crunchy on the inside. The price is however, is another question, I thought it was extremely high. I believe it was ten or eleven dollars. IT MUST BE BECAUSE IT IS MILLBURN N.J.

Stay tuned soon for the Montreal edition of The Breakfast Club. Coming Up soooooon.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March Madness

okay okay okay.

We all know this is rigged and you're never able to pick the right teams. BUT maybe this year is your year redeem yourself. I started a bracket on facebook. For those of you who are college basketball retarded, here's what happens: Pick the teams that you think can win from each division. Just click the team and go from there. It literally takes 4 minutes. Sign up and I'll take the winner out to dinner/ give them 5 bucks.

What do you have to lose? your integrity?

Shut up.


Monday, March 16, 2009

The Other Lieberman

Recent events have given me reason to be pessimistic once again about Israel and Iran (not that the pessimism ever really went anywhere). During the presidential campaign, then-Senator Biden came under fire for saying that he believes an international crisis will test President Obama within his first few months in office. If I had to predict an event fitting that description (and these predictions are somewhere between usually and always wrong), this would be it:

As the US moves to the left in its approach to the Middle East, Israel has taken a hard-right turn. Are they calculating that the Obama Administration, preoccupied with fixing the global economy, will avoid straining the US-Israel alliance? Maybe, and if the appointment of Avigdor Lieberman as Israel's chief diplomat is any indication, they're already testing the waters.

Think of Avigdor as a militant-fascist-racist version of our own Senator Joe. Don't believe me? First, consider this quote: "If it were up to me I would notify the Palestinian Authority that tomorrow at ten in the morning we would bomb all their places of business in [commercial center] Ramallah, for example." Then, consider frequent chants of "Death to Arabs" that break out at his political rallies. He showcased his fundamental human decency when he punched a 12 year-old boy in the face who'd been in a fight with his son. He is currently embroiled in a corruption investigation that ties him to both local and foreign business interests.

He is, put simply, a thug. Like a hockey game late in the third period with nothing left to play for, a thug is brought in to send a message, not to score points. With Lieberman as the face of Israeli foreign policy, said foreign policy will be one that picks a lot of fights with little regard for the consequences.

If the United States managed to alienate the known universe with the George W. Bush's decidedly less bellicose rhetoric, Lieberman's ascension (and Likud's broader victories in the recent parliamentary elections) implies something genuinely frightening. With a daunting domestic agenda, any hint of backpeddling in the US-Israeli alliance is politically untenable for the Obama administration. Yet Israel still feels just as threatened, and they believe the relationship between the Iranian threat and time is exponential. So why not strike when America is most preoccupied and its opposition will be least vehement?

Figures like Lieberman deny the potential for diplomacy to mollify Iran. Their ideology denies the utility of waiting for Obama's efforts to work. It'd be like a devout Catholic who said, "I'm still waiting for the Messiah, just in case it isn't Jesus."

There is compelling reason to believe Israel wants to stifle diplomacy before it has the chance to materialize. Even modest success of US efforts would undermine Israel's insistence that Iran is a rogue state that can't be reasoned with.

Look for the Iranian elections, scheduled for this June, to be very important. Chances are good that current President and resident boogeyman Mahmoud Ahmedinejad will win an election wrought with improprieties. Israel may seize the moment to escalate its rhetoric, or worse.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Music Video Thursday's?

I want to try and use other video uploading software other than You-tube. The Internet contains a lot of videos, and video uploading sites. Check itttt.

Gay Blades - O Shot from LaundroMatinee on Vimeo.

*Also, I came across this site called lala.com (thanks pitchfork) and I think this may be the future of where the music business is headed. YOU CAN EMBED ENTIRE ALBUMS!!! What do you think?

Buy Records. Buy Tickets. Support Music.

Here's a video from this week's show:

Pat King Live on WPSR from James Madejski on Vimeo.

Happy Thursdey

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Movie Trailer Wednesday's

Here are a few movie trailers that have caught my attention. Therefor, I feel it necessary to show ya'll!

Now, you might be saying to yourself "why does the world need another Nazi Holocaust film? Because people like This

(*Thanks Nick)

And finally an Adam Sandler movie I can get excited for!

Too bad I won't have any money to go to the movie theater.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mixtape Tuesday's



1.Strictly Game- The Harlem Shakes
2. Two Weeks- Grizzly Bear
3. Don't Look Back In Anger- Oasis
4. Rocks Tonic Juice Magic- Saves The Day
5. Caveman- Cursive
6. Little Deuce Coup- Beach Boys
7. The Great Skua- British Sea Power
8. About A Girl (live)- Nirvana
9. Centre For Holy Wars- New Pornographers

Monday nightz @ 10pm

*songs are meant for as temporary listening tools.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Adam Mcheffey- Route 66

Adam Mcheffey- "Song 66" on The Sam Schachter Show from Sam Schachter on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for tonight's playlist. Twas great.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tabula Rasa (an art exhibit)

One of the greatest things about going to Purchase College is being surrounded by creative people all of the time. If it's music, performance, or artwork, one can always expect the person sitting next to you might be the coolest person you have never ever met. A friend, fellow student, and artist, Spencer Alexander is one of those students. Along with Spencer, Alex Derwick, and Manuel Bova opened an art exhibition entitled "Tabula Rasa", which began on Friday March sixth in the Visual Arts building (1019a). Although I wasn't able to attend the opening due to a previously booked event, I heard wonderful things. I did have a chance to check out the space today, and highly suggest it to anyone who has ever picked up a crayon. Don't believe me? Check out these hot pics.
(All photos, by Kellyann Petry)

The artists (from left to right)
Alex, Spencer, Manuel
Q: What's an art exhibition opening without food?
A: A pretty lame time.

I am by no means an expert on art or know how to properly critique it. However, I did enjoy this exhibition tremendously and I believe these type of art shows are where the art world is heading towards in the future. Although the space is about fifty square feet, the viewer is never kept at a visual standstill. The room is decorated with chalk outlined store fronts on a black painted wall canvas. In front of the chalked representations are cardboard cutouts attached to the ceilings. The cutouts are all highly detailed and distinguished characters, made from spray paint and stencils. Not only were there great visuals, but the exhibit also had a soundtrack. Recorded in Port Chester, the recording is an audio snippet of the noise one would here while walking around a city, with some surprise sounds involved. Here are some more pictures from the opening:

On the back wall is a place where the viewer can sign their name, make a wish, or draw profanity, like this kid was obviously doing.


Even Nick Corbo played! Listen to his music Here

If you're thinking to yourself, "well he's just doing this because he's friends with these dudes." Don't believe yourself. I'm not gaining anything from doing this, just the feeling of promoting great work. These artists are consistently creating great images and are always keeping me on my artistic heels. I'm calling it now, but I believe that this is the future of art!

Please check they're personal sites below:
You can find Alex's artwork Here
Spencer's Here
Tell Manuel to get himself a website Here

love always,

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Breakfast Club Part 3

Sorry about the delay, but we've been waiting to bring you our smartest and most intriguing critiques of the snaziest breakfast joints around. This week the crew visited What A Bagel Cafe . The bagel spot is located on 476 Mamaroneck avenue in White Plains, New York.


what-a-bagel?!?! more like what-a-bummer!

due to our late start sunday morning, we arrived at this mamaroneck joint right before closing. for that reason, the cafe/convenience store, stocked with twinkies and little debbies in the refrigerated display case, had very limited bagel choices: blueberry, rye, honey wheat, whole wheat sesame, and, much to my dismay, SUNFLOWER SEED.
for my breakfast, i chose a toasted blueberry bagel with cream cheese. after a few bites, i began to realize that my bagel tasted remarkably similar to a slice of pizza. the bagel being the crust, the blueberries the tomato (a bit of a stretch, i know) and the cream cheese, obviously, being the cheese.

enough rambling, on to the ratings:

service: B-
took forever!

price: D
my bagel was 3 bucks, and frank's was about a thousand.

taste: B
let's face it, it' hard to go wrong with a bagel, but just not great.

overall, i wouldn't recommend this place, especially to those seeking a great bagel. if the owners agreed to pay as much attention to their bagels as they did to their energy drinks and trail mixes, i maybe, MAYBE, would give them another shot.


What A Bagel! didn't have the best nor the worst bagels i've ever had (starbucks at SUNY Purchase bagels take that prize). I ordered a Bagel with cream cheese and lox which came around to 7 dollars. The food was average at best and the selection was pretty bad. Most of the bagels were gone and the people at the counter felt like they didn't want anything to do with us. I'm usually all for your basic bagel shop, but this one just schmeared me the wrong way (pun intended).

Being Jewish comes in handy sometimes, when I'm shopping, when I'm dealing with old women and when I'm at the bagel place. So having the religious pre-requisite to judge a good bagel, please take my criticism seriously. Finding our way to the store was a difficult. Practically, a hole in the wall, What A Bagel doesn't have the proper bagel store front that I expected a good bagel store to have (whatever that means). So, when we finally came into the store at around one o'clock, the store was ready to shut down. Due to the time, the variety of bagel's was not as plentiful as earlier in the day, or so I presume. I ordered the classic Tuna Melt on a whole wheat sesame. I find that this sandwich is a staple in the bagel world. To truly be a great bagel house one must need to get the basics correct. My bagel was warm and toasty and filled the spot, but it was nothing I couldn't make myself. However, I felt that the cheese was a little too sharp and the tuna a little too potent. One other problem I had was not with the bagel itself but with the bagel makers. As a customer, I feel that a major part of a good breakfast experience is service, and this store did not contain an ounce. I understand that the store is about to shut down on a sunday afternoon, but c'mon guys. If I'm going to spend money in your store at least make me feel welcome and i didn't. I apologize for the schvitzing, bubbies.

Bagel B-
Service D
Overall C-


Stay tuned for more breakfast club updates. Would you like to join in our morning expeditions? Leave a comment or send an email to: theloveschack@gmail.com

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

NYU Protesters Fail...Like Many Others

If anyone has been following the so-called "Kimmel 18" who barricaded themselves in an NYU building (in the cafeteria), it would seem clear that protests these days are completely ineffective (with the exception of the Univ. of Rochester who somehow gave in to student's demands after 9 hours). Other than the one exception, can you think of the last time a protest, sit-in, be-in, march, speakers, etc. actually got something important and significant accomplished? The difference between protesters today and those in the past ('60's) is their priorities.

The list of 13 demands that the Take Back NYU! protesters gave to the administration just about covered everything under the sun...from disclosure of the budget to sending aid and money to the University of Gaza, to the NYU library being open to the public. Disclosing the budget would be nice for all of us, but for a private school they really do not have to do it (although we would all like it). Providing aid and money to Gaza, no matter one's political beliefs, is plain stupid. NYU needs all the money it can get. My parents can barely pay for this school. I don't want money that I could be receiving as financial aid going to the University of Gaza, or any other University in the world for that matter. It is not NYU's job to rebuild/support other countries or regions. If Take Back NYU! really wanted to accomplish this, then they should have brought it up with the NY Congressmen or Senators. As for the NYU library being public...I would have to tell these protesters to join many other NYU students and kill themselves. Are you serious? For $50,000 a year you want our library to be open to the public? What the fuck will that do? It is already crowded enough. We do not need there to be even less of a chance to find a book we need for a class because some NYC resident wants to leisurely read it.

These demands were ridiculous and too broad. If they had focused on just Gaza-related demands or budget demands, then there may have been a chance of being successful. Instead, Take Back NYU! was made up of 20 different NYU student clubs who all had their own personal needs to fulfill before those of the larger group.

Another major problem, that eventually lead to their downfall was their single most important demand: Amnesty for all those involved in the occupation (the idea of the occupation is ironic, considering they are occupying a building in order to end an occupation...). When people protested in the 1960's against the Vietnam War and burned their draft cards, did they make sure they wouldn't get arrested before they did it? No, they got thrown in jail, fighting for a cause they believed in. The success of their ideas and the group were much more important to them than their own well-being. This is what the NYU protesters, as well as most modern protesters lack: selflessness. It will be a long time until we see another Abbie Hoffman.


Monday, March 2, 2009

The 100th Post!

Thanks to everyone who has been writing and keeping up with the blog. I hope to have it look a little more professional in the near future. If YOU ever would like to contribute anything, please don't hesitate. The blog is open to anything that YOU think is interesting.

Here is what I'm into right now:

Telepathe- "so fine"

The Billy dub (thanks mysoncoolny)

The future according to Microsoft. Please watch this!
<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-GB&playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:a517b260-bb6b-48b9-87ac-8e2743a28ec5&showPlaylist=true&from=shared" target="_new" title="Future Vision Montage">Video: Future Vision Montage</a>

*For the ladies, I came across a site called Modcloth.com

Stay tuned for the latest edition of the breakfast club, it sure was fishy.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jeff Levin Speaks

let me know your thoughts.

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