Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Love You, Man + Movie Trailers!

You know what's great? When you get to watch a movie for FREE. Most things cost money, and like the saying goes "there is no such thing as a free lunch." Anyway, I was lucky enough to see I Love You, Man, the new comedy brom-mance feature film, with Paul Rudd and Jason Segul. I wouldn't usually write a review of a movie like this but because I didn't pay anything back to the theater or to the production company, a part of me feels a little in debt.

I didn't think that this movie was phenomenal, but I do think that it was worth the ten dollars I would have spent on it. What I think made this movie great was the unique storyline and the specific interaction between the characters. What interaction you ask? This was one of the most awkward movies I've probably ever seen. Now why do you care? I think from an actor's perspective, it is extremely difficult to convey these tense emotions as well as the actors did in this movie. Another major part of the movie I thought was interesting, was this idea of how men interact with each other. Usually, a comedy film would be pretty conventional, it consists of some friends, a hot chick, and some kind of silly conflict. Although this movie did contain those things, the story took the audience through hilarious twists and turns that I found myself laughing at throughout. It's easy for most women to have a group of close friends, but for Men i think it's different. From what I've noticed, it's difficult to keep a close group of friends through marriage or up to that point. This movie also highlights the great interactions between male friends, which is always something that has caught my attention. If you're dude and want to see a humorous movie with another dude friend, this is the movie to go see. If you want to take your lady-friend or boyfriend out for a memorable laugh, this is the movie to go see. I think it's difficult to find a movie that fits both these criteria. Just go see the movie, won't ya?

At the moment, it feels like Judd Apatow is running Hollywood, or maybe more specifically, the comedy world in Hollywood. Although Apatow had literally nothing to do with this movie, it had that "Apatow taste". Awkward jokes, Paul Rudd, a great soundtrack and one of the guys from Freaks and Geeks . So one comes to expect that all these great films being produced must be coming from the same guy. However, it's not the case. Apatow has laid the foundation for the modern day comedy that everyone seems to be imitating. It's been a while since we could count on comedy films for being continuously funny. Just this past summer, Pineapple Express and Step-Brothers both following the Apatow mold, have been received with high praise, well from me at least, and that's who matters most, right?

Here are some upcoming films worthy of your two-minute internet procrastination at the moment.

The movie i'm most excited for!

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