Monday, March 30, 2009

Spike Jonze Is The Best Director of My Generation

If you haven't seen this trailer you must really be living under a meteorite in outerspace.

This is definitely by far one of the greatest movie trailers I have ever seen. I think if this movie is as good as i think it can be, it has the potential to be the best picture of the year.

I can't say enough amazing things about Spike, so I'll let his work speak for itself.

The Interview (right after the filming of Being John Malkovich) .

A short.

Lakai skateboarding commercial

and my favorite, his music video's

Who else could date Karen-O?

Speaking of Karen-O, go pick up the new yeah yeah yeah's record, it's great.

I can't embed any video's, but follow this link for they're new video.

Love Always,

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  1. Absolutely. I just saw "Being John Malkovich" for the first time a few weeks ago and I can't believe I've missed out on it for so long.


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