Monday, October 26, 2009

Pitchfork Hipster Shit

As much as I whine and complain about Pitchfork and how they've ruined music journalism. I just found some great stuff on the site. (Not that I read it or anythinnnggg)

They have this great video series, which is entitled, "DON'T LOOK DOWN". The series tapes bands performing on rooftops! SUPPORT IT!

Dan Deacon, has become a name synonymous with SUNY Purchase College. At first this made me steamy angry, and then I gave his new album a try, and now pleasantly enjoy his music! If only for the sole reason of this music video, should you enjoy the artistry of Dan Deacon:

PitchforkTv also has the great feature called Cemetery Gates, where musicians perform a cover of The Smiths "Cemetery Gates". JUST KIDDING! That is initially what I thought it was going be, but don't worry! It's almost as good! Here is a clip of St. Vincent performing "Actor Out Of Work".

I can't mention St. Vincent without mentioning this incredible collaboration she did with Andrew Bird, and from another pretentious media outlet!

Enjoy, snobs.

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