Friday, July 17, 2009

First Post from Justin: Left for Buenos Aires 6/16

[[First post disclaimer: I'm going to use this space to give some details as to what I'm doing and where I'm going throughout my travels in Argentina for the next 5 months--though I can't say how often I'll update it yet...or how interesting I will be...]]

My flight today from LaGuardia was scheduled for 4:55 pm. I got there with plenty of time to spare and was feelin' good. Boarding time was 4:25 and I was seated at the gate well before that.
4:25 roles around...the arriving flight lets out? I thought, don't they have to clean that shit before we go on? Oh well I guess that won't take long. 15 minutes pass...still no boarding. Announcement comes, "okay", I think "first class kids time..." Nah, they have to pressurize the plane or something before we can go on it "You should be able to board in 10-15 minutes". 15 minutes passes and the flight has been delayed to 5:10. Shit! eh, actually I'll still make it without a doubt to Atlanta in time for my next flight. Turns out we end up boarding at 5:10, not departing. We get on very quickly because they wanted to speed it up so we could leave quickly so those with international connecting flights would arrive on time (me). They hurried everyone to get seated so we could leave, we did. We start rolling and the safety video plays and ends. Soon it's 6:00. Captain isn't sure what is going on...6:15: something about congestion of flights in weird weather "even though the weather looks fine around here". They give us water and apologize for the plane being around 90 degrees. The air conditioning isn't working because we aren't moving and it's really hot outside (hottest ny day yet? mm?). Then to calm us down some more they decide to put a movie on and give out headsets for free. The movie is called "17 again" and stars Zac Efron and that guy from Friends. No thanks. The kid behind me kicks and pulls and I get hotter from annoyance. I'm sweating profusely and at this point I just want to get moving for the air conditioning. We finally depart at 7:15 and our arrival time is 9:15 pm. My next flight leaves at 8:35 pm.
Apparently now in an airplane you can get WiFi once your'e over 10,000 feet? Weird but pretty sweet I guess. I quickly took my laptop out and checked my next flight status which displayed "On Time". Arrrg, the one time I don't want to see that. Next flight? 24 hours later.
So now here I ended up after the shitty customer service line at the airport that had no clear beginning or end and nobody knew what they were doing or what the line was. I was sent to the Marriott Courtyard with a discount: $79 for the night...woop de doo.
I got on one of those airport trains they have now that drop you have at different areas and went to the Ground Transportation area where they told me to. I sat down for a while and didn't see any sign of a van/bus. Eventually a mysterious man comes up to me and asks for a cigarette. I (surprisingly) gave him one and he sat down next to me to talk. We talked a short bit, him repeatedly asking me and the girl next to me if she was my girlfriend (she wasn't. she was however confused). In time it came out that I was waiting for the Marriott bus and he nicely directed me to where I was actually supposed to be standing. What a free cigarette can do!
He started to walk me there until I declined to give him $5 in addition to the cigarette, both of which he generously promised to pay forward...I wasn't feeling generous towards the next person obviously and he went on his way.
Found a bus and then ended up here at the hotel in Atlanta. It has free internet (for 24 hours) which is awesome (so I can you know, blog my time away). I hadn't eaten much so I eventually walked until I found a McDonalds not to far away. I got some food right before they closed the inside register and sat down to eat and watch the Atlanta 11oclock news. Top story was a big Meth bust at house with 4 people arrested I think. They interviewed a neighbor who (though I couldn't hear well) seemed to be saying he was just happy they were caught before the house blew up. By the looks of his teeth I'm sure he's more happy the competition is out (oohh was that bad? nah, i'm only speaking the truth). Next story was about the situation of the police not doing enough aboutt he armed robbery situation. I decided to walk home doin a fake conversation on my cell phone...
Looks like I'm still waiting to use my oh-so-basic Spanish skills...
Update 6/17: Checking out of this hotel and 1 pm. I realized I forgot my USB cord for my camera so I guess I'll use my time before my 8:30 flight to find a Best Buy or something around here so I can buy a memory card reader.
Until BA, Chau

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