Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Different Jew's Perspective on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Take an hour and watch this whole documentary. Although this was made in 2006, I find the information presented to be as relevant as ever with the current events taking place in Gaza.


  1. 1. The Occupied Territories that the film speaks about, the ones that UN Resolution 242 wants Israel to pull out of, are pieces of land that Israel won in war. They also acquired the Golan Heights in the north from Syria. The only reason Israel is still under control of the West Bank and Gaza of safety reasons. I do believe they have given back/pulled out of approximately 93% of the occupied territories, but the farther they pull out, the closer terrorists are able to get to Israel. It is purely safety concerns. That is also why Israel refuses to return the Golan to Syria. I don’t know if you have been to Israel, but if you stand on the Golan Heights, you literally are above all of northern Israel and can easily bomb any of the towns. It is a very strategic area that if Israel gives up, they will be in great danger. In regard to the West Bank and Gaza Strip, when there are people in those areas who cause danger to Israel, they cannot be allowed to come even closer to Israel. Also, many Arabs are safer with Israel occupying the territories. This mainly includes the Arab group that is not in charge at the time….right now PLO and Fatah. During the cease fire Israel could not do anything about the killings of Fatah members, but in the past have transported some higher members to the West Bank from Gaza.
    2. The Palestinians under “illegal military occupation” is the only reason Israel is able to survive. When a country wins a war and takes over land, I would not call that illegal military occupation. They conquered their land in a war.
    3. All that is happening in Gaza, the checkpoints, the lack of resources all have to do with Israel trying to build peace. If there were no homicide bombers, then there would be no need for checkpoints or no need to make life there bad in order to obtain a cease-fire (which eventually occurred, unfortunately Hamas did not truly follow it).
    4. No doubt the checkpoints are horrible. But what is Israel supposed to do? This is because of that one person out of a ton who decides to bring a bomb or weapons and commit an act of terror. Israel now has to stop everyone and search them all, making it a long and crappy process.
    5. There are tons of pictures of IDF hurting Palestinians, but they are all out of context, there is nothing there showing what led up to it. Also, it says that Israelis use Palestinians as human shields….look at Gaza…it is the exact opposite.
    6. The PR quote: Its’ obviously on both sides. Everyone wants to win the PR war, because then that is who will be supported. I personally think that Israel is not too good at it and are not looked upon with great public opinion in the world.

    I only got to see about 15 min of the video, I don’t have much free time these next few days, so above are just some thoughts I thought to be helpful.


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