Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shoot Me.

I don't know about you, but whenever I'm required to do something important and significant, I like to waste time on the computer instead. Mindlessly trolling the interwebs has left me with a slight empty feeling. But thanks to a certain tool called the Stumble button, I came across quite a worthy web offering - the 365 project on Flickr.

It's not hard to guess what this project is about. You take a photograph everyday for a year, at at the end of the year you can look back and remember every single day. I think that is such a fantastic idea. I have a terrible memory - I often look down and freak out because I can't remember putting pants on, so don't even ask me if I did anything exciting last week.

Sure, I doubt your memory is as bad as mine. I'm sure you have a little red date-book just packed full of past jaunts and a calander on every wall. But can your say you have an image from almost every day of your life that conjurs up memories you would have otherwise lost? Embark on this project and one day you might be able to say just that, and have the photo album to prove it.

I've put together a list of my ten favorite 365 photographers on Flickr. Check them out, especially if you have 9 hours to kill...

Ten Extraordinary 365 Photographers on Flickr

1. Rosie Hardy
This girl has quite a unique Flickr story. I won't reiterate it here, but if you're curious check out her profile. It's definitely worth it.What I love about her photos is how - regardless of the editing - she always conveys such a special image. It could be just a day in her life, that of a young student residing in England, or a peak into her beautifully imaginative mind. Whatever you're viewing, you're seeing progress. Take a look at some images from the start of her photostream, and then some from the end. It's like she was educated right in from of your eyes.

2. Chrissie White
Ok, so this next girl I found via R.Hardy. She doesn't get full points because she never finished her 365, but who the hell cares - take a look at any of her other photos and you'll see why. This girl is 14, I believe. Friggin 14. I think the extent of my creativity at 14 was sticking candy to my bookshelf with tape and calling it Modern (they were mints, and made my room smell sickly) She is so, so very talented and I hope one day I see her photographs posted in big places.

3. The Brownhorse
He likes marmite? I don't know, this guy was just really dedicated to the project, so he goes on here. Don't be turned off by the first page, he closes his mouth eventually.

4. Dunny
An old set, ranging from 2004 to 2006. I stumbled across this stream, and am quite glad I did so. His photos are sweet and modest, yet still deliver a captivating image. Oh, and he's also a photographer for Threadless!

5. {Karen}
It's often hard for me to imagine my mother as any other person but, well, a mother. I forget that she was around long before I was, I don't consider the fact that she has a mind that operates when her children are not near here. And while I know she constantly thinks of us, she is an independent human being. This women reminds me of that. A mother herself, I can't imagine how she found time to take on such a project and do it in such a lovely manner. Each photo shows a creative glimpse not only into the life of a mother, but of a women still finding her way.

6. Bugsandfishes by Lupin
There more ways than one to shoot the 365 project. While most people opt for the self-portrait, others choose to set themselves simultaneous goals. This girl chose to work on a craft project every day for 365 days and she photographed the evidence. I am an avid crafter, and spend too much time online viewing other peoples craft blogs and projects. So, needless to say, this ladies photostream was a real visual treat for me.

7. Besimo
Like number 7, this fella opted out of the daily self-portrait. His photos remind me of mind snapshots. You know, images of the little things you see every day but disregard. Your friends walking down the lane in front of you, the dog sleeping on the rug, or the birdhouse in the tree silhouetted against the winter sky. This photostream reminds me to take notice of the things I often ignore, or take for granted - because you really do find beauty in the little things.

8. Wiseacre Photo
So this is probably a terrible reason to pick someone to be a part of this list, but what can you do. This guy reminds me of Sam Beam.

9. Gillespinault
I wouldn't mind having a few of these framed on my wall. Each one is visually stimulating (I know that's a ridculous term to use, but you just have to whip it out sometimes) and I think the fact that the descriptions are in another language, makes me so much more curious about the photo.

10. aknacer
I just like this guy because he put a live slug in his mouth. I think that's enough of a reason.

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