Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Real World Wrap-up

My apologies for the tardiness of this post but i was in the editing lab finishing up a video for my new interview section on THEPURCHASEBRICK.COM. (That's another discussion)

I just finished watching the new episode on MTV.COM and can say that i am still not proud about being hooked on this show. So if you also missed the episode, here is a brief synopsis:

-Gang goes to Fashion Week gala thing, Scott gets numbers from model chicks.
-Ryan plays prank on the gang.
-JD finds out and sprays shaving cream on Ryan and Chet while they're sleeping
-Ryan freaks out (PTSD)
-Scott brings home 2 model girls (both black) back to the apartment and shows them his modeling portfolio, nothing sexual occurs.
-Devyn and Chet are both jealous and do obnoxious things, trying to gain Scott's attention. Devyn wants Scott's dick and so does Chet.
-Chet's dream is to be the new host of TRL.
-He finds out it got cancelled, lolz.
-Chet calls up his connection at fall out boy management company and does an interview in asbury park for someshitty band
-Ryan talks about his time in Iraq
-Cast feels bad for him
-Ryan and army friend go to a memorial service at ground zero on 9/11
-Chet interviews Pete Wentz
-Chet wants to suck his dick

So overall I had a good time during this episode, even though I was continuously interrupted.
What I enjoyed Finally getting a glimpse into Scott's character. Like I said before in my first post, i knew nothing at all about him except he was from Massachusetts, which by itself is kind of lame. This episode I really enjoyed his interactions with the rest of the house. I liked how he macked model hunnies and got two of them back to the apartment on two separate occasions. I also enjoyed the part in the episode where after Chet makes a "dating guide" for Scott, Scott begins to get angry. I was just waiting for there to be a fight, which i'm predicting to occur sometime soon. The 9/11 trip was interesting and definitely added a humane perspective to the show, that is almost never exposed in any of the other episodes. I laughed out loud when Chet found out that TRL was cancelled.

What I didn't
Chet, just take a look at this one picture:


Take a real look at this picture!
HE'S WEARING A HAT WITH HIS FUCKING NAME ON IT! How vein can he possibly be? We know that you're mormon and proud of it, but please dude, spare us. I'm not going to continue with this because i am extremely uncomfortable with myself due to the immense emotional attachment I have with a reality show character. Another thing that made me upset was Devyn's agreeing attitude with Chet towards Scott. We all know that you want to fuck him, great, he doesn't want your skanky silicon boobs, get over it, move on.
PETE WENTZ'S influence on this show. They go to his bar every episode, they hang out with his management agency, and give Chet an oppurtunity to be on his networking site. We all know how rich and self involved he is but please MTV give it a break, there is more hip things going on in New York City than Pete Wentz. I know this might upset a few of you, but i don't like Ryan's attitude towards his war experiences. Obviously he is going to have stresses concerning his time served, but when they focus on him and then he's says things like " I don't have a problem. I don't want to be one of those guys with a problem." I say to myself, then shut up and stop discussing it, but he doesn't. Hopefully, the producers of the show will move away from that theme, but probably not because it provides discussion for lame, no live having people like me.

If you're not watching this show, you are missing out. MTV is always streaming past episodes, so take some time out of you're extremely busy day and watch an episode or four.

Until Pete Wentz invents another company,

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