Thursday, February 19, 2009

Man from the Sea

"I am a traditional outsider. I am an immigrant (from Russia!) and a Jew (sorry)."
-The Will to Whatevs by Eugene Mirman

Way back in the year 2005, I sent Mr. Mirman an email asking if I had seen him in a web TV show called "I Love the 30s". Within a half-hour, he promptly responded "no", along with this tidbit in response to my name:

"And if I see you at some point I will try to pronounce your name with the slight difference that let's you know I know about the K."

Some people have trouble pointing to the exact moments in their life when they fell in love. The minute I read that email I gave my heart to Mr. Mirman, and he has had it ever since.

Over the years, I have watched Eugene Mirman emerge from a humble beginning in stand up comedy and video making to the breakneck world of voice overs and television commercials. You may recognize his charming vibrato on Adult Swim programs such as "Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil" or "Home Movies" or on HBO's "The Flight of the Conchords". He has also recently released a book:

Mr. Mirman's comedy attracts many and alienates more. Some equate his selective brand of humor to that of a fine wine or fermented human feces. Like it or not, either way you're bound to get wasted.

Here are some of my favorite Mir-moments:

Eugene restores justice and protects his honor via stand up:

Eugene marvels at the wonders of modern society, including the Honda Civic:

"A Video Eugene Sent Himself from the Future":

Check out Eugene's new book, "The Will to Whatevs", in addition to his comedy albums including "En Garde, Society!" and "The Absurd Nightclub Comedy of Eugene Mirman".

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