Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Breakfast Club/ Part 1

I enjoy eating, I enjoy going out to eat, and i enjoy watching Top Chef. I thought that the blog could use a food section, So along with a couple of friends, we decided to create the breakfast club. The breakfast club is an exclusive bunch that goes out to breakfasts every Sunday to eat delicious food and give our thoughts on what we think of the food that we've consumed.

This week the bunch ventured to America's favorite diner, Denny's. We chose the closest restaurant near Purchase which was located in Danbury Connecticut. Here are our reviews:


Blythe: 1) bathrooms smelled very nice and the staff was very attentive when it came to toilet paper.
2) our waiter, though he only spoke in one tone, was very friendly, accepting of the fact that we acted like assholes most of the time, interested in not only the breakfast club, but also the price of sam's camera, AND most importantly, willing to ask us if we would like pancake puppies.
again, gonna give this one an A-
3) a staff member who was not obligated to wait on our table provided emily with crayons and powder that made her water blue...and she did it without a sly remark or funny look.
this one deserves an A
4) grits sucked. they looked like snow that had been peed on.

Frank: For my Denny's meal experience, i choose the infamous Western Burger. This bad boy was topped with onion rings and a steak sauce. I'm not gonna lie, when i saw the burger I was about to consume, i was a nervous man. The only rational thought that came to my head was "Ok...maybe if i eat it slow enough, I won't feel sick." This unrealistic solution of mine actually paid off though. I felt just fine after my Western Burger and enjoyed my Denny's experience to say the least. High points included: drawing with ketchup over un-eaten gritz, our waiters enthusiasm in asking us if we wanted any Pancake Puppies, and the blue water.

*I forgot to take a picture :(
Sam: "Going to a restaurant almost 40 minutes away, I thought that it was appropriate to order the most well known dish that Denny's has to offer, THE GRAND SLAM/$5.99. The Denny's Grand Slam offers the customer a choice of 4 sides from 8, including 2 pancakes, 2 Eggs, Sausage, Bacon, creamy grits, oatmeal, french toast or hash browns. I was feeling adventurous so i chose the pancakes, eggs, bacon, hash browns and for an extra 99 cents thought I would try some creamy grits. Everything came out pretty quickly, in the meantime while waiting, we watched Emily do the zig-zag puzzle with her two flimsy crayons. Once the meal arrived, I grabbed my fork and knife and dug into my meal, the eggs tasted great, the bacon was crispy, the hash browns along with the right amount of ketchup also tasted pretty scrumptous. The Pancakes could have been a little more cooked, but whatever. Wondering where the creamy grits went? They stayed right on the table, I'm sorry that i didn't take a picture of what they looked like, but imagine what snow oatmeal would look like and taste like and that's exactly what I received. So excluding the grit mush bowl, I was pleasantly satisfied with the meal. Overall B-"

Stay Tuned for next week's, when The B.C take a visit to the Cracker Barrel.


PS- This post is dedicated to Jeff, thanks for the great service!


  1. Hey, im jeffsgirl on swap bot. this blog seems neat i look forward to reading more!!!

  2. Thanks for reading! And tell Jeff we say thanks for his great service!


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