Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Music!!!!

I've been listening to some new releases that I believe are worthy of note.

Morrissey- "Year Of Refusal"
If you know me, you probably know that the Moz is the one guy I would break my heterosexuality for. If you don't know me, then now you know that. I hope i didn't just turn you off from his incredible music because that would be tragic for you. Nothing out of the ordinary for Morrissey and crew, but I think this song is one of his finest to date. I couldn't embed the actual video so you have to settle for this, my apologies.

Two Tongues- "s/t"- It's a rare event that two of my favorite artists combine forces to create an album. Chris Conley from Saves The Day and Max Bemis from Say Anything have stirred up an outstanding album featuring some of the most infective pop rock tunes I've heard in some time. There are no official videos of them playing together because they have yet to play a live show! So stay tuned for dates!

Thursday- "Common Existance"- Growing up, I used to idolize Thursday. I've been into every album since the last one which I was heavily disappointed with. I then kind of "moved on" like most people have done with this band. I'm glad I gave them a shot again because this album is a true gem.

Beirut- "March Of The Zapotec"- I haven't listened to this album throughout but this song is great, if not just for the title.

*In personal news, I'll be going to see Patton Oswalt on Friday night @ Carolines, I'm trying to get a video interview, wish me luck.

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