Thursday, February 26, 2009


Who would of thought that a college student could take a Racquetball class? Well then you've obviously never heard of Purchase College. I had no idea how exciting this sport could be because I was never a member of a country club or a gym. As most people know the sport is designed to be played by rich white men. To play a game, one must have a racquet, a ball and a huge fucking white room with at least five walls. I now know understand why I've never seen a pickup game of Racquetball being played outside. Anyhoo, here are some brief rules, if you've ever wondered how this majestic tennis like game works.

To serve, and start play of the game, the serving player must bounce the ball on the floor once and forcefully strike it against the front wall — making the ball rebound beyond the short line and strike the floor, either with or without touching a side wall, otherwise the serve counts as a fault. After the ball bounces behind the short line, or passes the receiving line, the ball is in play and the opposing player(s) may strike it in turn.

Per USA Racquetball, the server must wait until the ball passes the short line before stepping out of the service zone, otherwise it is a fault serve. The server is allowed two service attempts if a fault serve is committed. There are many different methods of determining who receives first serve. One method determines that by each player striking the ball against the front wall and seeing whose serve lands closest to either back red line or the back wall.
The server must stand within the service zone when serving, and the service receiver must stand behind the receiving line when service is made, and until the ball bounces on the floor or crosses the receiving line. After the receiver player strikes the served ball, where a player stands for play is unrestricted. The player who won the last point or rally serves next.

After a successful serve, players alternate hitting the ball against the front wall. The player returning the hit may allow the ball to bounce once on the floor or hit the ball on the fly, however, once the player returning the shot has hit the ball, either before bouncing on the floor or after one bounce, it must strike the front wall before it hits the floor. Unlike during the serve, a ball in play may touch as many walls, including the ceiling, as necessary so long as it reaches the front wall without striking the floor.

Only the serving player scores points, like-wise, in a doubles game, only the serving team, when the opposing player does not return the served ball, or for some other reason as determined by the rules. Professional players play best-of-five 11-point games, requiring a two-point margin for victory. Amateur players play two 15-point games, with an 11-point tie-breaking game if needed. If the game is tied 10 to 10 the game must continue until a player wins by 2 points


Although I said that would be brief, it wasn't. But the game is a pretty simple one to understand, just take a look at these vids.



Even Priests enjoy a fun game!

After watching a few videos online, it is possible to play outside, just not in the "hood".

If your gym doesn't have a Racquetball court, then demand one! If they still don't give in, write to your senator for that shit.

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