Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This weekend I went to a comic book convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. If you've never been to a comic book convention, comic book store, comic book anything, I highly suggest it. Growing up around comic book art (my brother is a comic nerd) My interest never spanned further than Wolverine and his awesome razor blade fingernails.

Conventions work like this: There are tables designated to different artists who sell books, original artwork, and sketch commissioned pieces of artwork  for people who come to the shows. Think of 300 specialized and individual merch tables in a big convention hall. It's pretty cool and the majority of the people are really nice.

There are also people who come dressed up as different characters. Here is an example.

At the convention I stopped by Rick Peters table and picked up a copy of "Put The Book Back On The Shelf: a Belle and Sebastian anthology". The book is a collection of different artists compiling they're renditions of stories and artwork based on Belle and Sebastian Songs.

Want a copy? I have one autographed copy by Rick Peters whose comic is the very first and one of my favorites for his comic for the song "The State I'm In".

How can you obtain this wonderful piece of comic bookage?

On Twitter post this message:
"@theloveschack I want a copy of Put On the Book Back On The Shelf for free @imagecomics"

Not on Twitter, join the group on Facebook: "Sam Schachter's group of fantastical humans" and post something related on your status.

Not on social networks?

Leave a comment on the blog.

I'll be selecting one person and shipping it to them FOR FREE. No Shipping/ No handling.

Just post.

I'll be doing this with other comics, books, prints, music, films, and other things that might be fun to give away.

Have an idea? Post a suggestion in the comments field.



  1. I want a copy of Put On the Book Back On The Shelf for free :D

  2. Audrey, can you put it in your status? I know you've got a sweet facebook!


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