Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mr Warmth: Don Rickles

When I was 12 years old, I bought Chris Rock's comedy album, "Bigger and Blacker". Although I probably understood a fourth of the jokes on the album, I played that disk until the plastic wore off. He had these amazing commentaries on race and modern culture that for some reason struck a chord with a pre-pubescent white boy from suburban New Jersey. How can anyone not love "No Sex In The Champagne Room"? Not this guy.

I've been enamored with standup comedy ever since I bought that album.

A few years ago I came across this documentary and immediately fell in love. Not only because the movie had all these hotshots stroking Don Rickles ego for an hour and a half. But I couldn't stop watching, every time it came on HBO, I was hypnotized. It's strange because most of the film is composed of other people telling stories about their relationships. Something that should be boring. The film discusses his life and upbringing, his time in the Navy and how he slowly became one of comedies all time greats.

I've watched this clip numerous times. Not only because the clip is a comedic gem, it's this immaculate time capsule of the coolest generation of celebrity that has ever existed. Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Neil Armstrong, and Ronald fuckin Regan! Can you imagine what that after party looked like? Dean Martin was smoking on the show!

The Eighties didn't slow him down like some entertainers (see: The Rolling Stones) He's almost seventy years old in that clip and as fresh as he ever was. Making fun of Whoopie will never not be funny.

Hanging out with Conan and poking fun at Andy Richter, just like he should be. Even when the heckler screams out, he puts her down like it was scripted in his act. There is something so special that lacks in contemporary comics.

Still making fun of Regis. I love this man so much. I hope one day I can see him perform. I better hurry up.


  1. who doesn't love don rickles?

  2. Don Rickles is just amazing. I saw him about two years ago, doing the same act he's been doing for forty years and it was probably the funniest thing I've ever seen.

    He's going to be doing a show in May on LI but I'm not sure if it's sold out yet.

    In the event you do go, don't think you've stumbled upon a geriatrics convention by mistake: you're in the right place.

  3. Thanks for the head up! I'm going to try and go!

  4. Don Rickles is unbelievable. The guy is 83 for Christ sake.

    He's still sharp as a tack - age hasn't slowed him down a bit. Literally. He tends to speak very fast.


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