Monday, May 25, 2009

Send a message!

While venturing to Long Island last weekend, I came across an interesting article in Time Magazine entitled "Graffiti for Hire in the West Bank". Although I wasn't able to finish the article due to someone stealing away the magazine. However, I thought it would be interesting to mention it.

Watch the Video

*For some reason TIME doesn't like to embed videos. So you'll just have to click that link and watch the video version of the article.

The longest letter on the Wall

If you don't have three minutes to watch the video, I'll break it down for ya'll.

-Isreal put up a 463 mile wall along the Gaza strip.
-Some artists in Gaza (not on Isreal's side) decided to use the wall as a canvas for they're artwork.
-YOU can have a message written on the wall for 30 euros.

Have your message written on the wall Here

I think a LoveSchack message would be great. Any ideas?

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