Sunday, July 11, 2010

LeBron Comes Out

I'm not sure why people are so upset with LeBron over his decision to move to the Miami Heat. Yeah, he wasn't loyal and didn't decide to stay in Cleveland, but who would? Cleveland Ohio, guys, did you know that the number one attraction in Cleveland was LeBron James? I think the city needs to do a little soul searching before condemning a basketball player for not coming back to your crap hole city. It's not his fault and if you haven't seen this, The Cavaliers owner wrote a very cruel letter to the fans of Cleveland. You can read that Here

I thought it would be nice to See Lebron in a Knicks uniform, but after finding out that friends of LeBron, all-star players Dwanye Wade and Chris Bosh were moving to Miami, I had a funny feeling there was no way he was going anywhere other than South Beach.

The NY Times Conspiracy Theory  as to why LeBron decided to go to Miami. Including Spike Lee.

What I don't understand, is why everyone is so angry at LeBron. He wants to win titles, not build a dynasty, not remain loyal to his city, and not play in one of the most pressured sports atmospheres in the world. Can you blame him? After this recent move, we all realize that LeBron is a coward, a traitor, someone who wants to put the pressure on others so he never has to endure it. Is that a problem? Of course not. How many people do you know, who don't claim responsibility for themselves? His decision only highlights his inability to be a leader. Maybe LeBron doesn't want to be the next Michael Jordan. Or maybe he does, but he's too dumb to realize what he's doing.

Two seasons ago when LeBron and The Cavaliers were defeated by The Orlando Magic in the semi-final. LeBron decided not to shake hands with the victors. Not only is LeBron a dumb coward, but he remains to be a non-sportsman, he's a business man in a basketball uniform, fooling the public in his media onslaughts and billion dollar man dreams. In the end, I don't think it's going to matter where he plays, he'll score a ton of points, probably win at least three championships and be declared as one of the better players to ever play the game. We understood that when first entered the league. But now that he'll be playing in a Heat uniform, does it really matter? I think we're just bitter that he didn't choose your team, because we all know you wanted to wear his name on your back.

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