Friday, July 9, 2010

Ay Yo Jews! Holy Rollers Trailer and a mini review

I think I posted about this a little while back. I was excited about it, Jews, drugs, that dumb blonde chick from Nick and Norah's Playlist. Sounds like my type of movie, and for the most part it was.  I suggest you watch it, whenever that lonesome day on Netflix comes around.

It's a rarity that Jews, especially American Jews are portrayed as a "hard" or "tough guy" type, especially in television or cinema. Everyone wants to be Italian (Sopranos, Godfather) and somehow everyone in America is the slightest bit Irish (Gangs Of New York, The Departed). But even though most people have some kind of relationship to Judaism, it's usually dismissed and the Italian and Irish parts usually get a little more attention.

About the movie, after watching it, I didn't feel any cooler that I was Jewish. However, I felt a sense of acceptance within the world of cool drug movies. Great shots of the city both New York and Amsterdam, exciting soundtrack and above average acting. Jesse Eisenberg is the new Michael Cera. I can safely say that this film could be placed next to Maria Full Of Grace, 21 Grams, and of course "The Drug Movie"... Scarface.

This movie gets 3 Jewish Stars.

Watch it, heebs

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