Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Everyone is ripping off Patton Oswalt

So here is a routine that Patton Oswalt did a few years ago on his album "Werewolves and Lolipops"

Here's some other "comedian" telling the same joke, scroll to 2:45 to find the joke. Or you can watch his entire routine which was taken from Patton as well:

I'm not the first one who noticed this, Patton actually did, and he wrote a letter to the comedian.

"I’m really hurt. It feels unpleasant. I worked very hard on those jokes – honed them night after night, kept challenging myself to make them funnier. Plus, I have a constant gallery of friends and colleagues in my head – Louie CK and Dave Attell among them – against whose work I compare my writing, and ask myself, sometimes harshly, if I’ve truly gotten my stuff to their level."
Read the entire letter Here

So obviously someone who enjoys the work of Patton or follows his work or any comedy for the matter, would come to expect that there is a anti- plagiarism force that will eventually exploit the joke thief.

This kid, takes the same joke that was originally plagiarized and uses it in his speech during the COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY commencement.

Nice job dude, now your the SECOND person to be found out stealing the joke. He's like the plagiarized plagiarizer.

Here's some other notable joke stealers:

got any good jokes?

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