Thursday, April 8, 2010

Space Ghost Cowboys-"Graveyard Bed"

Directed by the amazing Matt Figler.
Stream and download the album for free here:


  1. Stellar video. I like the sound. Favorite shot is definitely under the sheet.

  2. Thanks Mike, if you want, you can download the whole album here:


  3. Dude, I (Will) love this video. Especially the shots of Aaron with the bottle and the two "ghosts" behind him. Someone told me that those shots seem contrived and that he's pretending to be drunk, but Aaron told me he was waisted. Shed some light?

  4. I like the part when all the ghosts are around the campfire, i think it's kinda creepy... which is pretty hard to achieve in a no budget amateur music video. Also the tint, or the camera filter, or whatever makes the colors look like they do is awesome.

  5. Will,

    I think he was drunk on Zima. That shit will do crazy things to the mind in the present and after life.


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