Saturday, December 27, 2008

The New York Yankees batting order for 2009

Radio waves, ESPN analysts and even the most informed Yankee fan would think of the 2009 batting order as follows:

1. J.Damon
2. D.Jeter
3. M.Texiera
4. A.Rod
5. H.Matsui
6-9. J.Posada, R. Cano, X. Nady, and whoever plays center field (Swisher, Cabrera?)

Here's where I come in...The Yankees should offer me millions of dollars to tell them how to run their baseball team and get the most out of their players. The most important thing the Yankees must worry about is the development of Robinson Cano. Call me crazy, but I firmly believe that this is more important than their starting pitching.

Cano is still a very immature player who has a hall of fame caliber baseball player struggling to get out and play to its potential. We saw a glimpse of it in 2007 when he came off of the disabled list and almost stole the batting title away from Joe Mauer finishing witha .340 batting average and leading the league with doubles...all after missing 6 weeks of ball! My point is this...It is time to bat Cano in the 3 spot! It is very simple. This will give Cano the ego-boost a young, immature players needs. He will shine in the 3 spot. I guarantee it. This leaves Tex in the 5 spot with Matsui 6, concluding with Posada, Nady, and the TBA center fielder with a very strong and respectable bottom of the order.

Happy holidays and a Merry Texmas to all!

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