Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Christmas Eve Rocked

Last night i went to see Yo La Tengo @ Maxwell's in Hoboken as part of the annual "8 nights of Hanukah with Yo La Tengo". I never had the opportunity to see YLT before, so i thought this would be the best time to do it. Usually on Christmas eve, i slouch around without any egg nog, christmas stuffers, or those awesome christmas sweaters. Why not, you ask? because i'm frecking jewish and Jews have no fun on Christmas, at least the young ones.

These next two days are the worst for younger jews, they have nothing to do and have to hear all the fun and exciting things that their Christmas celebrating friends are doing. So what does a Jew do on Christmas/Eve?

-Watch A Christmas Story on TBS at least two times.
-Go to some kind of feel good Christmas Movie at a movie theater.
-Consume some type of asian cuisine.
-Whine about it

It sux to be jewish on Christmas.

Anyway here are a couple distorted pictures and a video from the show:



That is an illustration by Adrian Tomine (one of my favorite artists) He composed this for the New Yorker to celebrate Yo La Tengo's Murdering The Classics which is performed on Christmas live on WFMU. People call in to request songs of any sort, and YLT attempt to cover them. Hence the name Murdering The Classics

You can find out more information on Adrian Tomine and his graphic novels Here

Listen to more Yo La Tengo

Merry Christmas, you bastards.


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