Friday, March 2, 2007

Outer Space Apes

The last time i saw this band was at a house party in the seventh grade. I had just moved back from florida, and these guys were the talk of every kid at Valley View Middle School. There are bands that influence, there are ones with your best friends, and there are ones that will change your life in the best possible ways.

This band did all of that.
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TMSM have a strict formula, its not to suck. Unlike other bands that claim to put together pop-punk in their own distinct fashion, MSM stays true to their roots. With Influences that range from Green Day to the Beach Boys. The songs are crafted with a sincere honest attitude. It is what bands have been trying to accomplish for the past five years but have gotten distracted by the black eyeliner that has begun to distinguish a genre that is losing its credibility by the day.

Three fourths of MSM attend Rutgers University. The Other fourth attends Seton Hall University. However, being apart has not slowed the group down at all. They recently released a four song demo that will have you wondering why you have not heard this band before.
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It is hard to classify this band into a certain genre. If you enjoy New Found Glory, Green Day, The Beach Boys or The Ramones, i gurantee this group of talented folks will not let you down.
Here are a couple tracks that will end up crawling into your brain causing permanent addiction.

1. Chauncey

2. Flask Worthy

MSM is not the most internet savy band on the planet, but dont let them fool you! You can find them on facebook, here:

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